King of Jester

I was looking at Eric’s hill climb video at
and it got me to wondering…

To my uneducated uni eye, it looks like Eric is on a 24". On a really step grade, wouldn’t a smaller (20) wheel give you a better mechanical advantage. Would the Jester Hill even be possible on a 36"?


Re: King of Jester

I’ve done some informal comparisons between my 20" trials, 24" muni, and 36" Coker. On the 20…at least with trials length cranks…steep hills are pretty awkward, and you don’t get much distance for each pedal stroke. For me, I haven’t noticed that much of a limitation on my 36". I actually think the 36" is a bit easier for steep hills because the balance point is more stable and it’s a bit easier for me to keep my balance when making progress a half stroke at a time, i.e. push down, pause, push down, pause, etc.

Just my experience, but I’m hardly a distance or climbing veteran.

The crank length has a lot to do with it. You have the same leverage with a 20" with 5" cranks as a 24" with 6" cranks, since the ratio is the same.

I had trouble climbing this one steep hill down the road with my 24. However, once I learned how to control my body, it prooved minimal problem.

Even with a 26, I’m sure it would still be possible to climb even the steepest hill.