King Muni-Man drops in!

Hi All,

I figured it was time for my son to start practicing for his level two U.S.A skills test so I started coaching him on what he needs to do.

First I told him he needs to be able to mount with both his left and right foot. Much to my astonishment he nailed mounting with his non dominant foot on the third attempt and can get it on just about every attempt after one day of practice.

Next, I told he needed to do a drop. I built a small ramp with a 7 inch drop at the end and let him practice on that for a about an hour. He was having a blast jumping off the end and I had a hard time getting him inside to eat. :roll_eyes: Finally I decided to give him a challenge so I added a 2x4 inch length of wood to it and again he surprised me by nailing that too on only his second attempt. He was having a great time and I fully expect him to be level two in a couple of days. When I told him I was really proud of him he said, “I bet Kris Holm would be proud of me too.”

Here are some photos of him riding my cobbled together rail with a drop.

BTW now he wants me to build him a trials/rail setup so now I guess my work is cut out for me. Yahoo!


Does that kid rock, or what??!!!

Way to go you two.


Re: King Muni-Man drops in!

Very cool shots! I recently constructed a similar setup for my son, who is 9. I used a 2x4x8ft for the rail, and took it up and off a 10" concrete block. He nailed it on his first attempt, and overall hits it about 75% of the time, which is a better percentage than mine.

How do you practice the Figure 8? Do you draw out the actual maximum circle size with sidewalk chalk, or just make a couple marks to show the maximum distance? I’ve been thinking about drawing the circles, but am wondering if that encourages dependence on a template that won’t be there during testing time.

BTW, your construction on the ramp looks pretty similar to mine, i.e. not overly stable. There have been some good debates lately on protection, of which the following is one: Your setup is on grass, which helps. We don’t really have the space so have been ramping out on the pavement…we’ve already both had a couple of UPDs while climbing the ramp that have left us horizontal. In my case, one of them left me glad I was wearing both helmet and wrist guards. In my son’s case, one left him glad he was wearing helmet and wrist gaurds, and sad he was not wearing knee pads.

In the spirit of young kids being really good at uniccyling, here’s Alexander, a friend of mine fom our weekly rides, doing some trialsy plank riding. He made it all the way along this quite a few times. In case you didn’t realise it, the last part is round!


Holy Cow, that’s some good riding! And barefoot to boot… At least he’s got that noggin’ covered up. :sunglasses:

Sweet Monkey! That’s one talented kid you got there. Makes me almost wish i got to learning earlier. Before you know it he’ll be all grown up and doing things on unicycles that no one thought possible.

Love hearing stories about King Muni-Man. Keep them coming.

Jason: Awesome pics of your son riding the 2x4’s and going off the drop. BTW, that is the exact uni my daughters ride.

Andrew: How do this kids ride with no shoes. That would kill me! My daughter does that all the time too. Seems I am always saying, “Put on some shoes!” --chirokid–

Corrupt 'em while they’re young, that’s what I always say…

Oh yes. We all know how corrupting unicycling is.

It seems like if the kids now-a-days aren’t drinking till they’re blind or smoking anything under the sun they’re out unicycling. :roll_eyes:

We only practiced the figure eight a couple of times. I had him follow me in a figure eight pattern so that he could get a feel for it. The diameter for the level two fig. eight will be no problem for him, so I got him started on what I thought would be a challenge- the left/right freemount and the drop.

The construction of his little plank rail was horribly cobbled together by me and needed to be realigned after every couple of runs. It was held together with two small nails. He’s asked me to build a bigger and better setup, or as he put it, “I want a big one that uses ALL the wood”

Your young friend looks like quite an accomplished rider. Very cool! My son is still only six so my wife and I were joking about what he’ll be doing at age 9 or 10. Since Kris Holm is his hero there’s just no telling. :wink:

The 16" United has been a great little uni. The only changes I made to it was the addition of a Duro knobby tire and I gave him the Welgo Pin pedals off my KH24 Signature uni. Here is a link to some images if your interrested.


Re: King Muni-Man drops in!

Wow, King Muni-Man is really good. Im especially impressed by his free-mounting capabilities (mainly because I rember all the countless hours in our driveway it took *me* to learn:-); and its ultra-cool that you have to build him special trials objects. 6 months from know, and you will feel really really old when you try to ride with him :slight_smile:

My daughter (she`s 6 since last month) still does not want to practice for more than 10 minutes. Her balance is already quite good, and she can ride while holding the hand of another rider, but she still misses this last bit of practice to get the hang of real riding. She is coming to school next month, and I hope we still find some time to continue her learning.


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Hi Juergen,
As long as she doesn’t lose her interest entirely she’ll learn to ride, and once she does there will be no stopping her! My son really enjoys riding but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he took an active interest in learning new skills beyond Muni (which is what he really enjoys). Once she learns to ride she be off and pedaling! :smiley:


Muni-Man is K I N G ! ! !

Jason, awesome pics of your son. I can not believe what a huge platform that Welgo Pin Pedal makes. Where can I find a 16" tire for my girls uni… you said that is a DURO Tire?

The only upgrade our little red juggle bug has is a higher end quick-release for the seat. I thought that made it look pretty trick until I saw King Muni-Man’s ride. --chirokid–

Re: Muni-Man is K I N G ! ! !

Yes “Duro” is the brand name of the tire. I found the tire at a Fred Meyer store. Freddies as we call it is a store that carries everything from tools and furniture to groceries. You should probably find a similar tire at a local bike shop.

You should fully expect your daughter to have a difficult time riding when you first change the tire. It took my son a day or so of riding to get used to the difference. Now he does rolling hops and all kinds of stuff with that tire- no problem.


He’s got nice smooth pedals. I tried riding his uni (with the seat at that height) along the logs. I only got to the second plank. :slight_smile: It’s so hard to get over the bump at the start at that height and with that 16" wheel.


All right, I need to get in on the photo action. The link below goes to my 9-y-o Miles, riding over a BMX-obstacle we found in the woods near our house. He is UniBoy, and our joke is that the woods near our house are filled with wild unimals on the prowl. You can hear their noises as they climb the hills in their territories, and their occasional “ooofts” when they lose their balance.

He’s gettin’ better, but he still doesn’t have the barefoot ride down… We’re going to start practicing our Level 2 figure 8s this weekend.


I’m so glad that these kids are interested in something other than television. Uni riding is something that is such a healthy alternative to video games or sitting around constantly. Thank you for posting your success stories about your children. I don’t have any yet (success stories and children, that is), and it’s good to hear that there is hope for the next generation of unicyclists.
Of course, they will be far better than any of us. Beau Hoover will be the big MUni champion in about 8 years, with a number of youngsters competing for his title. Just you wait.

Good job with the photo. I like to hear/see success stories about young kids riding Muni and welcome all of them. It looks like UniBoy had his work cut out for him on that BMX-obstacle. Good Job UniBoy!


I read all the comments to my son, “King Muni-Man” and he asked me to write, “Thanks for telling me that. I really enjoy it.”

Cheers all,