King Charles Troupe (unicycle basketball performers)

Just watched a fun video of a 1989 performance by the King Charles Troupe, and was amazed how few people seem to know about their YouTube channel. For some of you, this isn’t new, but the King Charles Troupe (or KCT) has been doing a high-energy unicycle basketball show for decades, and still have great skills both on uni and with the ball. Think Harlem Globetrotters (with whom they’ve toured) on unis.

-Ben Schoenberg

Thanks for posting. They are very talented & entertaining.
Great corriography on their part.

I was talking with my Berkeley Revolution teammate Jim Sowers about the Troupe; he said that they know Carlos Medina, and in fact may have inspired the unicycle basketball movement in Puerto Rico when they visited there with the Ringling Brothers circus 40 years ago.


Did you see the “ref” sneakily lean the post so as to ensure the long basket attempt made it in?

Good eye. I also found it quite amazing that he didn’t get his butt run over throughout the performance. They work very well as a team.

:astonished: Wow. I saw them in the 80s in Vegas and I’ve been hooked to the sport ever since. I didn’t remember their name until now.

That is awesome. Amazing to see so many unicyclists doing different things, going different ways, different speeds, etc, and there are no accidents. Amazing choreography, and amazing team.

That’s true. The King Charles Troupe actually has been and always will be a great inspiration to the sport of unicycling in Puerto Rico. We really wish that some day we can organize a game between them and The Puerto Rico All-Stars! That would be quite an event for us!!!

Thank you!

Thanks Ben for your support!

Kin Charles Unicycle Troupe

If I’m not mistaken, KCT visitied Puerto Rico in 1967.

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I am pretty sure they toured with Ringling Bros. In the 1970s. I think I saw them performing in the center ring with I was a young unicyclist.

King Charles Unicycle Troupe - Built to Amaze!

The King Charles Troupe presents a non-stop, whirling display of one-wheeled excitement with 12 performers precariously perched on unicycles, some more than 10 feet in the air! Audiences are astounded by the troupe’s agility and balance as troupe members dribble, pass, shoot, and weave their way, with wondrous skill and high-speed comedic antics, through the world’s wackiest game of b-ball every played! This high-energy performance on unicycles in a “Razzle Dazzle” style has thrilled audiences all over the world and has brought new surprises to the newest edition of the Greatest Show on Earth”® - BUILT TO AMAZE!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday