Kinda funny.

I’m sure everyone has had some pretty funny stuff said to them or about them while riding a uni, but I found this one hilarious.

I was riding my uni with my wife (she was walking) the other day near my house.

As I was riding along beside her a construction worker who didn’t speak english very well asked if someone had, “…stolen 1/2 my bike.”

I’ve heard that one before so it wasn’t that funny. I told him it was a unicycle.

The funny part is his friend asked him in spanish why I was riding it, and he told him, “I don’t know, I guess it’s cheaper.”

For some reason I found that hilarious because the guy was completely serious, he wasn’t making a joke about it.

Haha :smiley: funnily enough in england i dont think it is cheaper really, still pretty funny tho lol, i was at a bikeathon and made friends with a man on a penny farthing i think or something similar, i make friends more than get funny comments haha

They’re not really that much cheaper in the US either. I guess a little bit. I was just amazed these guys didn’t even know about unicycling. I guess it hasn’t caught on in Mexico yet, someone get on that. They juggle at the border down in TJ, I should show them my unicycle.

Yeahh :smiley: i tend not to bike as much now, unicyclings better exercise, when i unicycle out and about i get stared at and get the usual comments about half a bike and all that jazz never had anything trully entertaining thought =[