Kinda custom KH20

The build is as follows (starting at the top)
KH Fusion Street Saddle
KH 350mm Seatpost (cut down about 1.5")
KH Double Bolt Clamp
KH Frame with Orange PC
Nimbus wheelset
KH 137mm moments
Odyssey Trailmix pedals
Luna tire

I am asking $275, + shipping. I would like to keep this in the United States.

how old? how much use? pics? shipping from where?

I built this up over last year and this year. It hasn’t been used that much actually, as I never got good at trials, street, etc. Shipping from phoenix az


Interested pending other sale

Hey trepper687,

I just posted my 36er. If it sells before you sell this one I am interested. But I gotta sell that one first or my wife will not be happy with this boy :D.

What year is the KH frame? Did you paint it yourself? What is the total weight as is? Can you measure the seat post for me and see how high it will go? Will it go 35-36" from pedal to top of saddle? Thanks!