Kind of a feeler: Who would want to sell me an Ultimate wheel for sort of cheap?

Title says it all…

I’d like an ultimate wheel, but i can’t afford the retail price at UDC at the moment…
preferably 24" or 26", but i may be able to use a 20", but they’re so much harder…


make one

I agree. They’re fairly simple to make except maybe for the insert part. If you can’t weld the insert, buying the insert would probably be cheaper than buying the whole U.W.

all righty then…

i’ll talk to scotty when i get back to truckee, see if he can help me weld something up.

i have sort of plans for it, and i need it to be metal and not the plywood one…

Just take the frame off you uni.

heres the guide i used to make one… i didnt finish yet but it has helped me so far

(here are the supplies)

(here is the guide)

its a little heavy if i use plywood…

but i guess i could try it.
i’ve got all the stuff i need, anyways…

does anybody know where i can get REALLY cheap cranks for the ultimate wheel im making?

#1)bike shop. ask for an old set off a bike that they’ve thrown out. I got a pair for free that way.


#2) someones selling some old 5-inchers for about 5 bucks plus shipping somewhere here.

UW arent really suppose to have cranks…Just pedals and a wheel.

theres a way to build them, and one uses the cranks instead of the pedal inserts, and they insert into the wood, so they arent really used as cranks; they’re used as pedal mounts.

There are also people who have put the cranks inside the hub of the wheel and the pedals are right outside of the spokes.

i may end up doing that as well…

itd look a whole lot cooler.