Kilmore Trip '07

Hello Unicyclists,

I went up to Kilmore for a weekend to see Ed (edsbelly) and to unicycle. Here’s the result.


also like the random yet scary pictures of keven and max:D

Bugger me mate, that was really good. Awesome stuff, love the outside flip, and the fakietreyflip down the 3 set. Nice riding everyone!

If you can inward small then go to the back it up game thread thingy, PLEASE!


[EDIT] And the inward small fakieflip.

Woah, that stuff is so cool. I love your riding Luke, you make up really cool stuff and do it with flow.


Luke, you’re exXxtreme!

Wish you’d hit that 6 stair with a trey flip though :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your comments.
The 180 was switch not blind by the way.

That was crazy good. Is the world street title a goal of yours? Kudos for the outside flip, double flip, fakie sex change, inward small fakie flip, the fakie 360 and for the fakie treyflip. Keep going with the switch stuff too, it’s all good (I appreciate it).

crazy lookback
im in love with that sex change fakieflip and outside flip
luke you mentally good well done awesome stuff.
keep it up and please make more videos more often please :smiley:

DAAMN, youre good! fakie sex change looks awesome

awesome, stop improving its impossible to keep up with the disadvantage of english weather:)


Your tricks are really cool Luke. It gave me some ideas of things to try but i am so jealous of your fakie trey and inward fakie flip skills.


WOHO, nice stuff man, i love your tricks, out side flip is terible, fakie trey flip

bravissimo :smiley:

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Mike, I’d love to join the back it up game but I don’t have a camera. :frowning:

Damn nice son. Loved it wow. Way to set the trey fakieflip bar at 3. That will be tough to get larger. I knew you could sex fakie, it looked a lot better than I expected, a three set is probably all I will get for my bid vid whether the set is larger by then or not. I don’t care to see wrap flips at all but they’re cool. I never thought about a inward small fakieflip, looked cool, now i have to go out and learn it (that will be setless for me, no interest for sets). Very cool stuff, do you do rails at all? (if so how big do you go on those?) I wonder if anyone else saw the 3 blind 3, haha, and the look back, I laughed. I didn’t think anyone else would do those, those are decent, I don’t really like them, but it’s really cool to see other people doing them. Back to the set board to write in new goals of mine. Thanks man. loved it, amazing stuff bro.

-Shaun JOhanneson

Very nice video. The sexchange fakieflip down the 3 was awesome, as I know those are hard to get even on flat (Ive only done them on flat). Tre fakieflip down 3 was also awesome.

As for the “Outside flip”, do you think a better name for the trick would be 180 sidespin flip (or something along those lines)? I’m just suggesting this because I am guessing more variations like this are going to be landed soon, and it would be good to figure out a naming system for all these new flip/spin variations, and because the trick has the same kind of spin as Kevin’s 360 sidespin but the uni only does 180 and a flip was added in (it would be a 180 sidespin without the flip). What do you think?

Again, awesome video. I really like your style.

I’m impressed!

Some very nice and difficult looking tricks!

Seeing all these flip tricks is starting to inspire me to actually learn a crankflip…


Great video! Nice fakie tricks too, and that look back was cool. Havn’t seen anyone but Shaun do those.

EDIT: Wow, to get Dan Heaton to post in your thread , you must have made a pretty good movie.

EDITEDIT: I just watched it again, and I was thinking that it would be sweet if you could do that fakie sex change to seat drag. Just looking at the way you caught your seat way infront of you got me thinking that you could just let go and have a nice transition there. Not that I’m good enough to do that:p

Alright, here’s whats goin down.
You and Forrest are gonna make a vid together.
and it will be awesome.
because i watched both of your vids today thinking, “Wow this is one of the best vids i’ve seen in a while.”
So you guys need to get on that…
Great flick


oh yeah

awesome luke!

i loved the tricks!

how long have you been riding?