Killian Ripping it up on his 36er Muni

Here’s a short video of Killian from our ride today :smiley:

I don’t deserve such a great video. Everyone that rode today was a great rider, and you guys don’t give yourselves enough credit.

Like I said, I hope we can get together and do it again, it’s always fun to ride with other unicyclists.

I do believe that everyone should have a 36er Muni though.

Awesome im so buying an oracle soon, love my udc titan but this completes it

Great riding

Cool video. The music really makes it. (Oh yeah, nice riding, too! :smiley: )

Jamey, Augie & Tim get muni droned

Awesome camera and helicopter moves, while we are messing about
on the mountain :smile:

This video is not viewable on mobile devices, unfortunately.