Killer Abs?

Re: Killer Abs?

I read somewhere that strong abs contribute to good balance. More muscle in
the abs lowers your center of gravity and just helps balance. So unicycling
might not give you good abs, but good abs will help you unicycle.

mr.s animation & kaplan, you mean to say someone has a poorer connection & bandwidth than myself!?

thank you mr .gilby for customising the board & the invite to post photos. i did take the pic to photoshop first & reduced its size/quality because i have a 24-26,000bps connection most days but i had not even given a thought to a just posting a link to an image host. sorry!

huh, it was at least 41 seconds i dared to sit astride the wobbly beast of a wheel, mr.‘yenta’ animation! [and you are just jealous that your jacket does not have little flowers on it! phhhpt!]

thank you, ms. cherie, i may be a bit biased but i think she is cute too.

the neighborhood kids have been coming down 2-3 times a week to practice, the two tallest kids have a distinct advantage and should be really skilled by the end of this summer, but young anton,toni & tempest do need a smaller wheel .

back on the subject, mr.huff has a good point ms. elaine, ask not what you can do for your abs, but ask what your abs can do for you!

so hopefully we will become so addicted to riding that 100 crunches a day will be cheerfully given by us to our uni-habit?

Re: Killer Abs?

Bill said…

^More muscle in > the abs lowers your centre of gravity and just helps

Surely it is keeping as much weight as possible lower down which lowers your
centre of gravity, regardless of what constitutes said weight? Fat weighs
more than muscle and therefore a better method might be to develop a large
and not unpleasent beer belly. Also this would give you some built in
padding for UPD’s and make you drought and famine resistent.

So, by this I deduce that buying and drinking beer can now be veiwed as
valid unicycle practise, professional unicyclist’s could even write the
expenses off their tax as a ‘training aid’!


David ‘Burrrpppp’ Straitjacket :slight_smile:

Re: Killer Abs?

I always thought muscle weighed more than fat…



I can’t wait to meet the kids in the pic … I keep hearing all kinds of cool stories about 'em, like the unicycling and the push-ups and acrobatics. It would be cool to find more uni converts. That reminds me, we need to hit the JMC on monday and steal away some cyclists.

OH and here is another pic of Chris and Sophia … I won’t embed it, it is kinda big. However, in keeping with the topic, you can tell that in the process of dancing, Chris is working on his killer abs.

Actually, there are several other cool pics in that directory also. :slight_smile:


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As far as I am aware it does…

Dylan Wallinger <> wrote in message
> I always thought muscle weighed more than fat…
> hmmmmmm…

Re: Killer Abs?

David Straitjacket wrote:
> So, by this I deduce that buying and drinking beer can now be veiwed as
> valid unicycle practise, professional unicyclist’s could even write the
> expenses off their tax as a ‘training aid’!

I like the way you think.

Personally, I’ve always found unicycling to be an excellent abdominal
exercise, at least if I want to go at any speed.

ISTR someone posting to the unicycle mailing list (before the formation of
rsu IIRC) that he originally started unicycling because, as a recumbent
cyclist, his abs weren’t getting enough exercise. Which I now find strange,
because I find that going fast on a recumbent bike is also an excellent
abdominal exercise.

(Beer is also good for recumbent cycling, due to the benefits of developing
an aerobelly).

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When I bought my Pashley 28" after a nearly 15-year uni dry spell, I didn’t notice my abs getting visibly tighter, but almost immediately, my thighs and calves became more muscled and defined. Riding long distances and practicing hills didn’t seem to hurt either. In fact, during my initial 3-4 weeks of riding the new uni, my legs improved much more dramatically than during the 6 previous months of kick boxing classes.

Keep up the good work and you’ll have legs of steel, but make sure you wear leg armor when trying new things to keep your lovely new legs scar-free.


Lewis, you scoundrell. I was employing my-bend-at-the-waist ability to lower the hands to where Sophie could reach 'em. Any evidence of a tire is an illusion caused by my massively underdeveloped chest. When people in my support grou- uh… women at the suppermarket comment on the phantom tire, I imediately lift my shirt, flex, and watch 'em swoon into stuned submission.

I took about 50 steps yesterday- and I must say, the old abs were well employed- especialy on forward-down hops.



I thought you looked trim in the photo … you are wearing flop-around-the-house clothes. Various parts may flop, stick out, or sag, but everybody assumes the shape of the clothes don’t always match the shape of the body underneath.

I thought you looked fine there, and besides … kindness towards children scores you at least as many chicks as good abs.


(Just Kidding)


Re: Killer Abs?

On 28 Feb 2002 01:38:23 GMT, (Dylan
Wallinger) wrote:

>I always thought muscle weighed more than fat…

Per unit volume, yes. Otherwise, it depends on the quantity of each.
Duh. Some people’s fat weighs way more than their muscle…

Klaas Bil

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