Killer Abs?

I’m probably going to order a unicycle in time for spring, but I am still at that stage where I am trying to convince myself that I really will do this.

Anyway, after considering the mechanics of riding (but without actually trying it, after all, why screw up theory with something as base as reality?); it has occurred to me that the balance for riding a unicycle probably originates in the mid-section.

So, my questions is, will riding a unicycle give me killer abs?

Norman, OK

Re: Killer Abs?

>So, my questions is, will riding a unicycle give me killer abs?


I doubt it


I started riding again in September; by December I had lost 8 inches off my waist. Of coarse, it becomes a dependancey- I broke my wheel and gained a good bit in the 3 weeks it was out of commission- then pulled my poor under developed pectoral muscles hopping. Every day I don’t ride I inflate like a tick. I guess it’s just the price you pay for ABS of STEAL. (Really, though- if you agment your riding with crunches and leg lifts, you’ll be better off as a rider and much improved in the stomach.)


Killer abs… I don’t think so. Although, you’ll probably get killer legs.

Sorry, not gonna happen, but if it will get you on a uni keep telling yourself it will. It will probably work out everything but the abs.
-David Kaplan

Re: Killer Abs?

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Elaine <> wrote:
)So, my questions is, will riding a unicycle give me killer abs?

I definitely noticed muscle development in my abs when I first started
riding. When you first start, you do a lot of wobbling and are constantly
overcorrecting in both directions. (I think this was especially true
for me–some people do better).

Unfortunately for your abs, once you get comfortable on the uni, you
will no longer twist nearly as much, and your abs won’t get much of
a workout. These days I’m smooth enough that I’m basically not working
anything but my legs.

(Like anything else) it depends on how you cycle. Do alot of downhill mogal runs, hill climbs, and agressively persue hopping and you will do right by your abs. As your muscles (and as has been noted by others, skill) develope, you will have to push yourself further and maintain a high frequencey.

Make sure to keep us update with your progress. Send pictures. :slight_smile:


Re: Killer Abs?

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:16:53 -0600, Elaine
<> wrote:

>So, my questions is, will riding a unicycle give me killer abs?
I like the pun but I’m afraid the answer is no, at least it was in my
case. Oh well, not filler abs either.

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“remailers, Grigori Tomtsjin, World Domination”

Damn. Oh well, I’ll have to come up with another reason.

Norman, OK

P.S. Sorry Chris. This means no pictures (besides, I’m short, middle-aged and flat chested – wait, this is the Internet – I’m 5’10" and just retired from a career in beach volleyball, because the opposition got too distracted<G>)


I am also middle-aged and flat chested and that has not stopped me from posting oodles of photos of myself for this user group. It’s all about sharing, Elaine.

Re: Killer Abs?

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of fat in a specific
region of your body through targeted exercises, it can’t
be done. Spot-reduction is a myth. You can build up
your muscles in an area, but you’ll still have the fat.
However, unicycling will help you loose weight if you
do it vigorously and often enough. Often your
mid-section is the last part of your body to see
weight loss.

hmm, i think the boys do protest too much, ms. elaine.
from watching mr.'s animation & rhysling , i do belive killer abs are a possible side effect of first learning to ride a uni, then moving on to master more & more skills on the wheel.

I have appreciatively watched as they have slimmed down, & overall become more muscular. [not that either of the gents were in any way unsightly before, mind you!]
i belive this is a direct result of the hours spent outdoors on the cycles.

actually mr. import car, slow & steady exercise is how one loses fat deposits. for the ‘high octane’ fuel a body needs during strenuous exercise it takes the calories from blood & muscle primarily. the ‘low octane’ fuel of stored fat is used on long walks & such where endurance is what your body needs not strength.

sincerely,pepper [who also needs to find the motivation to learn to uni before her kid disowns her!]


wow,cute kid, but in the future if you wish to attach a photo, as a courtesy to our slower bandwithed members, please post them on a page and include a link. Free image hosting is available from many places includion Yahoo. Yahoo gives you a "briefcase where you can put whatever you want on the web.
-David Kaplan


Welcome! :slight_smile:

In addition to your blunder of attaching an image, I also want to point out that you registered on the forum when you have not purchased a unicycle. You have also not attempted to sit on one for more than 30 seconds. Bad form.


Just Kidding!

While you will probably find the free online storage solutions more practical, I’m sure I could store an image or two for you if you have a problem with the yahoo option, etc.



The pic shows up just fine for me. Hi Sophie!


BTW: if anybody has a Uni they have outgrown, the kids in the above picture would greatly appreciate a hand-me-down. I’ll pay shiping. The 20" cycle pictured lacks a quick release, and is still too big for some of the kids- while I cut another 1" off my seat post to accomodate the biger kids.


Is that you in the picture, Chris?

Very cute kid BTW.:slight_smile:


Post all the pictures you want on the forums!

With my ultra fast internet connection, I never saw the occasional image atachment as a problem. But since it’s been brought up, I was going to disable the setting of having the attached photos from appearing inline, but this can be done in the control panel on a user by user basis (whereas turning it off globally, doesn’t let anyone view them inline). So for the people using the forums and have a slow connection, please go to the control panel to change this option. And for everyone, feel free to post all the pics you want (on the forums). Since last week, all posts with attachments that are posted on the forums will send the URL of the attachment to the newsgroup and mailing list.

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VERY generous! Thanks! Nice features too, nobody has to get hurt by inline picture posting anymore, with all of that enabled.

Too bad in a way … with your permission to include images inline, I no longer have ammunition with which to attack Chris for missing (deliberately or not) UniDak’s post. :slight_smile:

Ah well, I know where his Solar Plexus lives. Apparently I’ve already proven I know where his pectorals are … and I’m not sorry. I’m not!

Then again, he knows where I’ll be keeping my Hunter … perhaps a truce is in order.




Yes, that’s Chris.

You like? Eh? Eh? :slight_smile: I can introduce you to Chris, as I do all my clients, for a modest fee.

He even comes with his own ascot. Oh wait, my ex-girlfriend loaned that to him …

As for the kid (Sophia), she looks much better without that ridiculous “hat”, I must say. :slight_smile:

Still, any kid that can look good in that getup is indeed cute.