Kids unicycle

Ok. My kid is 5. His inseam is 18”. He just got his cast off and I’m looking at getting him a 12” uni that I’ve found used on CL.

Question? Am I wasting my time with a 12?” Would a 16” be easier for him to learn on(I’d have to cut the frame down)?

His older brother is 8 years old and has a 16” he’s learning on so the younger one has something to grow into. Plus I’m sure I can find a cheap 16” if needed to cut down. The 12” are kinda hard to find used.

My daughter started on the 12” hoppley and as soon as she started riding well i upgraded her to a 16” and she took to it immediately.

If you can fit him on a 16” thats what i would do. The 12” is fine in the very beginning but its really too small for making turns (pedal strikes) and riding any distance around the block

Are you in the USA? I would be happy to send you my 12” as a loaner to get him started. You just pay to ship it both ways


Thanks for the offer. The 12" I’m looking at is probably a lot cheaper then shipping both ways. But what a great offer. Thanks.

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Just buy it and plan on selling or giving it away after you’re done with it!

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One of the really nice things about this sport is that for $2500 you can set yourself up with three brand new, top of the line unicycles. That same price will get you one mid-range mountain or road bike. For a dirt bike or a Ebike you could probably find something used that’s decent and for a good 4×4 truck you better have some tools and knowledge of how to fix things if you want a decent truck for that price.

Random update. I confirmed with the guy that it was a 12” and not a 16”. He confirmed. Show up and it’s a dang 16”. Oh well. Bought it anyway. Gonna cut it down to fit. Kid’s still stoked that he has his own uni now. I was excited to get a 12” cause kids are darn cut on them but oh well. If one pops up for cheap down the road I may pick it up anyway. It’s a Torker BTW.