Kids shinguards/pads

My 8 year old son just got the hang of riding this weekend. He now shoots around like a mad thing all over the place and has overtaken my abilities in about two days :angry: :sunglasses:

On Saturday afternoon he bailed riding down a couple of steps and cut his elbow and bruised his hip (he’d made the same drop several times before - annoying little grommet that he is ;)).

He always wears a BMX helmet and gloves for protection as these are the basics for any riding and he will now wear knee/elbow pads.

The thing is that he really wants to do the muni/trials stuff - as demonstrated by riding down steps, and I would like to get him some shin protection.

Being an old man myself, I have already got some 661 4X4 pads and these are great for riding in. Does anyone know of anything equivalent for small children?

I’d hate for him to get bashed up all the time that he’s trying new stuff on his uni and I also don’t want his Mum to think that the sport is too dangerous.

Please help.

Ta in advance,


661 do a kids size vesion of their 4x4 pads see


Some kids use the elbow/forearm pads on their legs. I have 661 elbow pads and they work well for my 8 year old daughter. I’ve seen another person do the same for their son.


We have a 6-year-old who wears his big brother’s football forearm guards for leg protection.

I feel duty bound (not to mention pedantically drawn) to point out that the game of Association Football as played on our fair isle does not include the sporting of “forearm guards”, so unfortunately this is unlikely to help totally_hooked’s son.


I should have guessed this was coming. :slight_smile: I have a friend from London area who has “lectured” me several times about the American use of the term football. I must agree with his thinking on the subject. By the way, he’s a Manchester United fan.

Should we rephrase the suggestion as follows?..
We have a 6 year old who wears his brother’s forearm guards that are used while playing a game where a bunch of guys, wearing tons of protective gear, play with an odd shaped ball that on occasion gets kicked. :smiley:

Oh yeah, “football” forearm guards are a good idea!


My son uses small size volleyball knee bads worn backwards over his calves to protect him in back, and then small size soccer or lacross shin guards to protect him in front.

There is a close up of me wearing the adult sizes equivalent here.

He still lives closer to Manchester than the majority of their fans:D

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I have ordered some of the youth size shinguards from UDC and we’ll see how we get on with them.

BTW Isn’t Man U now a “soccerball” team? :wink: