Kids learning to ride (fwd)

  • What were YOUR learning experiences?
  • when I was 15:

In the car park outside the local bikeshop at my hometown - Coffs Harbour NSW
Australia, a guy brought in a unicycle. 3 of us taking turns held onto the back
of a ute and dragged ourselves along and then when we came to the end of the ute
we let go. At closing time of the shop I could make it to the other end of the
car park. I think I learned so quickly because I was heavily into Freestyle bmx
riding and many moons before I learnt to wheelie for as long as I wanted to,
around corners, slowing down, speeding up, and coasting down hills.

You use the same balance cornering while on the back wheel of your bike as on
a unicycle.

It took me about a week to freemount. I learnt to do this by getting up on the
peddles and hopping to get my balance and then peddling off. Idling and riding
backwards came from constant practice. Riding backwards was sort of a spin off
from idling, however I learnt to comfortably idle after I could comfortably ride
backwards - or was around the same time… confusion sets in

I haven’t really tried wheel walking. One footed riding took a few goes.

This is all done on my bike shop brand tiawan(sp?) 20 inch unicycle.


Scott HOne

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