Kids commuting

My daughter unicycles to school every day, and my landlord keeps saying she must be the only person in England doing that. I’m not convinced–anybody other kids lucky enough to live close enough to school that they unicycle in?

I know lots of us old people (read: people with jobs) commute to work, but lets just count the unemployed youngsters for now.


P.S. She’s 11, it’s about 0.35 miles, it’s faster than walking, and her classmates seem to accept it just fine.

If you count tech school as school and a 21 year old as a youngster then you can count me.:slight_smile: I am definitely not employed for a couple more months.

I learnt to uni because of some smug kid a couple of years below me who used to ride to school. he was about 14, and it was only a few hundred yards along a pavement. I think he used to get quite alot of abuse, mostly from kids from other schools on the same road as mine.

Hey Bruce,
We’ve got lots of kids that learn to unicycle at CirKids, around 11-12 years old, but I dont know any that unicycle to school. I’d worry that their unicycle would get stolen / vandelized?

if memory serves right there was a post a while ago about nathan hoover commuting with his kid to school. I’ll see if i can find it

edit: after a bit of hunting i found it who's the shortest person to avidly ride a coker? it is in the mid-bottom of the page.

I ride to school.


but it’s university and i’m 28 which probably doesn’t count.

Well if it does then I also ride to uni, but I’m 21.

I ride a uni. Does that count too?

STM - wondering if anyone else here rides a uni too :smiley:

I’m planning on using mine to commute to uni once I’m competent, but since I’ve just managed my first 5 metre hands-free this morning and it’s about 5 kilometres to the uni, I’ve some learning to do yet.

I have, but you have to carry it around all day because thhe pr*cks there will vandalish it :wink:

hm… just 1,000 X this morning’s ride…

Youl’ll be doing it in no time. :slight_smile:

I ride to school on mine. Do I still count as a kid at 17? Its probably no more than half a mile and I just leave it in my common room where no-one touches it.

There is a lad at one of the exeter secondary schools i sometimes see riding in or home on a uni.

As I can recall there are several people that are homeschooled on this thread (myself included) so by defult each time we ride into our driveway we are riding our uni’s to school:D

I probably don’t count but I ride 2.5 miles to the Junior College on my 24"

Here is Beau riding to school on his UW:slight_smile:

Edit: lock it if you are worried about theft. All of my teachers don’t mind if I bring it into each class.

Both my kids ride to school sometimes. My son, 10, rides about 1/2 mile to his school, and my daughter, 12, rides her 42" wheel about 3 1/2 miles to her school (along with a 12 year old neighbor on another 42" wheel).

I rode a pashley to college.

:astonished: HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE LONG LEGS!!! :astonished:

I can barely ride a 36" and they’re 12!!!

i do its around half a mile to my friends house where i store my uni a play video games before school nothing starts a day like killing nazis

i live 1.5 miles from school and i ride ther and back and so dose my freind