Kidderminster (UK) UniMeet this Saturday 26th - who's going?

Just to remind everyone there’s a UniMeet in Kidderminster this weekend.

This will be only the second time that I’ve been to something like this. My first chance to meet people here was the UniMeet in July, it turned out to be rather quiet with only 15 or so riders there. I felt like an outsider sitting amongst the skilled trialists jumping over the bar, but I did get to meet Loosemoose, gayno and a few other people who gave me a warm welcome.

Now I’ve practised some light XC Muni, I hope I won’t be falling off as much in Habberly Valley this time.

So that’s me in. Anyone else going?

Yes I’ll be there although I won’t be doing Muni as the kids will be with me. Looking forward to some hockey though.

I might go - It’s a fair old drive from the south coast, so I think it might depend on the weather somewhat.


I’m going, and probably bringing Jonny and Antoine.


Hey Hooked, I’m in southampton so if you do decide to try and make it up there any chance of a lift? The only thing stopping me is the extortionate train fare, I’d of course reimburse you 50% of fuel costs, and it’ll give you a companoin for the drive up!


I’ll be there with Madeleine

I’ll be there with Wendy, Tio & Zak. Also looking forward to lots of hockey.

Keith: Hope Toni & Danny are doing a better job of free-mounting than Tio. He now rides off-road, but still struggles to free-mount. :roll_eyes:

See you all there. Looks as though we’re going to have quite a few little ones riding this weekend.


Danny can freemount now although likes to use walls/me if available. At the weekend I’m sure he was trying to idle. Like Tio he also enjoys riding off road and over bumps etc. If he isn’t being watched he’ll generally freemount although I rarely see him mount, he is just suddenly riding ;). He has moved up to 18" now.

Toni is still too cautious, it is a purely mental block stopping freemounts. Very frustrating to watch, but she’ll get there when she’s ready.

They’ll be pleased to here the other young riders will be there.


Loose, I can give you a lift on Saturday - Southampton is pretty much on my way.
I don’t have time now to think properly, but I,ll PM you this evening.


PS there’s already two of us going, but my son doesn’t know yet!

Hello everybody

Yes it was a good unimeet with quite a few turning up :slight_smile: now I know who you are gkmac :stuck_out_tongue: was nice to see everyone hehe


Re: Kidderminster (UK) UniMeet this Saturday 26th - who’s going?

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 16:50:56 -0600, gkmac wrote:

>I also met someone always referred to as “the Bishop”

Seeing who else were there, that could be Matt Bishop.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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way to much hockey? I didn’t even know that there was such a thing;-) ( I was the bushy haired and short bearded gentleman vainly trying to improve my wheel walking) It was a really good uni-meet and one of the best attended for a while - really good to see some of the skills of the better riders- always inspires me to keep up the practise - I do agree with the games but people seem to drift off around 5ish. Steve Colligan organised some after the warm up which was a good start

Has any one got dates for the next unimeet?


Yep that was me- I’m impressed by how vigilant you were/are on the unicycle spotting - you’d have got bonus points though if you’d noticed that it was only an Onza cover on one of Rogers lovely carbon fibre seat bases ( I believe you had one on your green machine) so not really a complete Onza saddle but I’ll let you off. I’ll say hi next time I see you,you can probably give me some tips on the wheel walking as well which would be most helpfull. Oh the joys of unicycle spotting :slight_smile:

Too much hockey??? What??? We played less hockey than usual! We started the hockey later than usual to give people more time to do their own thing. Before we started the hockey, Mark and myself ran a workshop for anyone new to hockey, or beginners to the hockey scene. There were only 4 teams playing hockey and each team played each other once (10 mins per game). We’ve never played so little hockey. We did play a special game of hockey for the young ones and beginners though. That was another 10 mins. After we finished the hockey, everyone was free to do their own thing… This lasted about 20 mins before people started drifting off again. As the floor was all but free of 2 riders at this time I thought it appropriate to start some more hockey as practically everyone was just sitting around or just chatting. This is how I left things as I had to go at 5.30pm (one big game of hockey).

I introduced a few games after I did the warm-up, as I know from experience that by the time we normally play games at the end of the meet, the numbers have thinned out considerably. Maybe we’ll play even more games after the warm-up at the next unimeet. We were just experimenting with playing games so early in the day, but I personally think it a good idea. Maybe people could reply to let us know what they think about that one.

It was a good meet and nice to see some new faces.

Two Halls!!

Just a note for the ones among you that haven’t been to many unimeets before. THEY ARE FANTASTIC WAYS TO MEET LIKE MINDED PEOPLE, YOU’LL HAVE A GREAT TIME, BUT NOTHING EVER RUNS TO SCHEDULE!! Please use the scheduled timetable of events as a guide only. I know there wasn’t a muni ride, but that was because nobody turned up who would be able to take a group out for a ride, or sufficient interest. It all depends upon who actually turns up.

These events are run by the riders that turn up themselves. Steve Grainger doesn’t have an army of people to run and organise things unfortunately. The timetable states lots of things that we do try to arrange, but at times they’re not possible because of what I’ve just mentioned above.

Incidentally, there are two practice halls. If you’re not interested in playing hockey then you could always use the other hall.

For anyone that hasn’t been to one of these meets, then do try and get to the next one, whenever that is? They are really good days. We’ll just have to wait for Steve Grainger to post here and email all when that is of course. There’s usually one a month until BUC.


14th January 2006, Ashburton, Devon… :slight_smile:


There’s always too much hockey. The right amount of hockey would be none (you’d never guess I don’t like hockey would you? :))
Most people seem to like it though, so it’s fair enough to do what the majority want.

That’s a good idea… perhaps we could do a quick muni ride at the Ashburton meeting if there is a suitable route nearby. I wouldn’t want to miss the whole indoor meet to go muniing (it’s a good chance to practice my non-existant freestyle skills) but I’d certainly be up for taking a muni group out for an hour or so (perhaps when the hockey is on :D)
I’ll mention it to Sarah.


Hello unimeeters.
I feel a bit cheeky asking this. But I guess you don’t have to reply. Anyway, I’ve managed to actually suss out that you do stuff at your unimeets :smiley:

Well, the North Wales unimeet was held on Sunday, and it was a good one. We have decided to hold it inside for the rest of the winter and so rented the hall that the circus club I go to is usually held in. It was only a couple of hours and most people were happy just doing their own thing for that time. But Stu wanted to jump onto and off stuff. So for the sake of the survival of the hall, I was wondering if you would share with me some ideas of the stuff that you do at your unimeets. Baring in mind ours are usually quite small. 10 at the most, probably 2 on a bad day. What can we do that will keep Stu amused and not get us all chucked out of the hall?

Any help will be appreciated.

PS we also haven’t got any money so anything that involves equipment is out.



Hi Cathy,

As Steve said above it depends on who turns up.

Workshops teaching new skills/tricks (needs someone who knows some!); silly games like gladiators, british bulldog, stuck in the mud (most playground chasing games will adapt); long and high jump competitions (they require a little equipment, but you can improvise); hockey is ALWAYS good even if you have to use jumpers for goalposts, but you will need someone to bring some sticks.

I find the one of the nicest things about Unimeets is that there’s generally someone with a new shiny uni that they’re showing off, and if you’re lucky they let you ride it :slight_smile: unfortunately this can lead to an expensive unicycle habit :roll_eyes:


Thanks for that Paul.

The high and long jump thing sounds really good. I think that definately has potential for Stu.

The problem was that he wanted to show the others how to do crank grabs and stuff that I couldn’t let them do in the hall. Gladiators also has potential. Or if I could buy some hockey sticks through the juggling club that the unicycle club could borrow. MMM. Definately food for thought there.

Thank you very much.