Kid or Unicycle?

lol So here it is the big question drum roll plz… ok screw it I’m not getting a drum roll :frowning:

Should we have Kids then learn how to ride the uni or learn and then pray when u want kids it will happen ?

and for the lil kids that are riding if ur nuts haven’t dropped yet dont worry about it as of yet!!

hahaha damn i’m bored

Hehe, you have to be doing something wrong or bad technique if your hitting them that much.

I think the last time I racked myself form unicycling was probably a year or two ago.

well i did it last month was in pain for a week didn’t help the gf was kicking me there after either lol

Hehe, how brutal. =p

well lifes a pain and so are gfs but u cant live with them and u cant live with out them…

I’ve heard exactly zero stories of male infertility problems from unicycling in my 26 years of riding.

WHAT? Honestly, I have been talking to people about this because I am slightly concerned. I hit them quite a bit… And also just behind them.
Lucky git not hitting them!


Fancy that. I’ve heard that making babies is exactly zero harder than if you dont unicycle, its impossible to see why its so hard…

well on the bright side i dont want kids yet but i’m going to hurt them i like to know when i’m ready for someone to take over my last name it will happen…
Ewww little me’s running around sounds pretty scary to all that know me

I think the only times I have racked myself were when I was first learning to take on jumps from the porch and stuff.

Define rack, when you hit yourself and it hurts a little, or when you hit yourself, accidently, and you cannot move, or it kills you/hurts for weeeks.

i have no idea and want to know can someone please explain…is it just simply hitting yourself and hurt a bit or hitting yourself and being on the ground yelling out prophanities?

hehe, jerrik is right. change the way you ride so as not to hit urself, or pull out the cup you wore when playing hockey in the third grade.:smiley:

yelling out prophanities

I tried riding w/ a cup and it was worse

yeah I did that side hoping a 5set today…it sucked… I think I killed some sperm on that one…=p

I suppose this would be the wrong thread to brag about how I don’t have balls so nyah nyah nyah nyah to all of you male unicyclists.