Kickup mount

Here is a revised version of the kickup mount file. Dennis Kathrens and Ken
Fuchs did all the work, and did a fine job. As always you can get this and other
skill files from the Unicycling Home Page.


                             KICK-UP MOUNT

1. Lay the unicycle on the ground in front of you with the crankarm
   corresponding to the dominant foot facing up, approximately perpendicular
   to the frame.
2. Stand right behind the seat facing the unicycle and place the instep of
   your nondominant foot under the seat.
3. Keeping the nondominant foot planted, place the dominant foot on the
   crank AND the pedal so that the ball of the big toe is on the crank and
   the ball of the little toe is on the pedal.
4. Leap towards the dominant side of the wheel where the tire touches the
   floor, enough to almost go over it, putting weight on the upright pedal
   and pulling the seat up toward the crotch with the other foot.
5. Put the non-dominant foot on its pedal and ride away or begin idling.

Notes and hints

Step 1 says the crankarms should approximately perpendicular to the frame. Try
experimenting with angles between 45 to 135 degrees.

The kickup foot is actually applying torque to the frame which assists the
dominant foot’s weight and your momentum to the dominant side of the wheel
causing the wheel to become vertical. The kickup foot alone, causes the frame to
become vertical, since neither your momentum or your “pedal” foot can do it.

Place the balls of your foot half on the crank and half on the pedal because
this way the crank doesn’t grind against the side of your foot and ankle as you
come up. Don’t risk wrecking your ankle by trying to put the sole of the foot
flat on the pedal. Keep your ankle stiff and the sole of the foot level and as
the uni comes up your foot will slide off the crank & onto the pedal almost

As you step forward and swing the unicycle up, get your head over the point
where the wheel touches the ground and keep it there. Let everything in between
your head and the point of wheel contact (the frame, the seat, your butt, your
spine) swing into a vertical line between these two points.

When you get proficient, learn to kick-up with the other foot too.

This is a really cool way to recover from falling off your unicycle and looks
impressive to bystanders. Handy too if your hands are full.

Written by Dennis Kathrens <> and Ken Fuchs
<> Maintained by Beirne Konarski <>

Last modified: Sun Feb 5 10:45:57 EST 1995

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