Kickup mount

Here is an excellent skill file for the kick up mount, written by Dennis
Kathrens. It will be available along with the other skill files on the web page.


                             KICK-UP MOUNT

 1. Lay the unicycle on the ground in front of you with the pedal
    corresponding to the dominant foot facing up.
 2. Spread your feet apart about shoulder width and position the unicycle so
    the middle of the seat touches the instep of your non-dominant foot.
    Your two feet and the wheel axle should form a right triangle with your
    dominant foot at the vertex of the 90 degree angle and the frame of the
    unicycle forming the hypotenuse.
 3. The crank facing up should be parallel to the line between your feet,
    with the pedal on the side of the wheel axle corresponding to your
    dominant side. That is, to the left if your left foot is dominant, or to
    the right if your right foot is dominant.
 4. Keeping the non-dominant foot planted, bend forward at the waist and
    place the dominant foot on the crank AND the pedal so that the ball
    of the big toe is on the crank and the ball of the little toe is on
    the pedal.
 5. Simultaneously:
     6. transfer your weight forward and onto the dominant foot, pushing the
        pedal towards the ground.
     7. lean to your dominant side but keep your nose over the crank axle.
     8. guide the saddle up toward your crotch with your non-dominant foot.
     9. keep your center of gravity slightly behind the wheel.
10. As the saddle comes close to contacting the thigh of the dominant leg,
    let the saddle slide up the inside of the calf and thigh of the
    non-dominant leg until it comes to rest at the crotch.
11. Put the non-dominant foot on its pedal and ride away or begin idling.

Notes and hints

Although this is called the kick-up mount, the saddle doesn't come up
because you kick it up but as a reaction to your weight pushing down on the
pedal--a sort of see-saw action. You mainly use the non-dominant foot to
guide the saddle into place.

Place the balls of your foot half on the crank and half on the pedal because
this way the crank doesn’t grind against the side of your foot and ankle as
you come up. Don’t risk wrecking your ankle by trying to put the sole of the
foot flat on the pedal. Keep your ankle stiff and the sole of the foot level
and as the uni comes up your foot will slide off the crank & onto the pedal
almost automatically.

As you step forward onto the pedal, keep your center of gravity back by
bending at the waist. Keep your head over the wheel axle and your butt behind
it. The wheel axle will move toward your dominant side as the frame swings
up, so follow it. You want the wheel slightly forward of your center of
gravity when you and the uni become vertical so keep your butt back behind
you as long as possible.

You should be seated or nearly seated as the frame and seat post become
vertical beneath you. Allow the wheel to roll forward a bit in relation to
your center of gravity just as you become seated, then push down on the pedal
hard with your dominant foot to roll it back underneath you while you find
the other pedal.

When you get proficient, learn to kick-up with the other foot too.

This is a really cool way to recover from falling off your unicycle and looks
impressive to bystanders. Handy too if your hands are full.


Written by Dennis Kathrens <> Maintained by Beirne
Konarski <>

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