KICKING the cranks around, successfully and at speed. How?

Right, I know people are sick of the 1000 or so crankflip tutorials on here…

But I want to know, exactly how to get the ‘kick’. It seems, once you learn how to ‘kick’ the cranks, it’s easier from there onwards, right?

I’m at the stage, where I’m trying out zeroplants, to learn how to get the kick of the pedals, but to no avail. All that happens is I end up using the tyre to roll off the ground to provide the spin, this is not what I want.

So yeah any other tips as to how to get the kick? Exactly what should the feet do? Backfoot come off earlier than the front foot? Someone please explain in detail… This sure seems the hardest part to learning anything crankflip-related.

I would assume that you have to kick the cranks downwards but i wouldent know to honist;)

When I kick my cranks, I notice that my left foot, which is my forward kicking foot, actually kicks diagonally. Its not just kicking the pedal straight, but kicking outward to the left at the same time.

I used to try to kick straight forward, but I also found it hard to get a good flip in, or I couldn’t get my foot off my pedal and end up doing some weird type of rev.

Also, try to file down or take some of the pins out of your pedals. Its a lot easier when you can move your foot around on the pedal and slide them off easily. Maybe practicing with plastic pedals could speed up the learning process.


What I found very useful is to flick as jerrick said^^ but keep about half your foot on. This way you aren’t doing 1 ft revs.

If you watch mike clark do it, he completely kicks his foot way to the side. He does that because when he invented it he thought it would be like a kickflip on a skateboard.

I think you shouldnt think about it like you are kicking it, put pressure on the flipping foot before you hop and right when you come off the ground pull your non flipping foot out of the way as soon as possible so yeah, it comes off way before the other one. That way all your force is going into the flip and not into your other foot. Just doing that alone will flip your cranks. Try to push your flipping foot down and back, that lets it flip faster.
And pull up on the seat as you are putting pressure on your flipping foot before you hop, then the seat and pedal will be kind of pulled in opposite directions and that should help too.

when I flip the cranks, i do that down and back kick thing spencer was talking about. it flips the cranks, put it also send the uni back, and me forward. I was trying to do crankflips by practicing one footed reves, but that didn’t work. how do you keep the uni under you, and yet still get a flip? :thinking:

Keep your hand, the one on the saddle, nice and straight, holding the uni firm in place.

Uni is off the ground, your off the uni holding it right below you, and the cranks are spinning, can equal to some good damage when you land wrong, so dont be afraid to land wrong.

When I was first learning, I didn’t want to rack myself, and the uni wouldn’t stay underneath me unless I got lucky, but once I got rid of that fear, the uni was staying in place almost every time. Surprisingly, I have rarely racked myself while doing a crankflip, I always get hit on my left inner thigh.

im still in the process of teaching myself crankflips…
i have been wanting to learn them for agggeeess…ever since shaun J got the double flip on universe2 haha (long time ago)

but i keep gettin side tracked and goin to do soemthing else instead of concentrating on crankflips!

I have become really smooth and quik at full revs, and i am confident with them to hop off obstacles and up obstacles doing full revs, i can feel how i could transform it into a crankflip but i cant yet haha…

i gotta grow the balls to stop worrying about damaging my balls hahaha

I agree with what you said about kicking out and not forward. Whenever I mess up I’m landing on the very front of the seat with my tail bone, I’ve never come close to racking myself during a crank flip. I’m not sure why I end up landing on the front but I guess I need to keep the arm which is holding onto the saddle stiffer.

You mean Defect. There wasn’t a single crankflip in Universe 2…

ive been trying to learn crankflips for a while now and I didnt rele get serious about it untill tonight. I just landed somewhat of a zero-plant because both of my feet touched the ground but i still spun the cranks. I can kick the cranks but I can’t keep the uni under me.

I don’t feel like the whole zero plant step is even necessary to learn crank flips, I’ve never even tried one before and I’ve almost got double crankflips down.

I know how to solve this one,
both hands on the saddle lean as low as possible on your seat, the lower you are, the faster your cranks will spin, garanteed.
Check out my gallery, i have my first crankflip on there, look at how i took all the skillz of doing it into action in the clip! Thanks God!

(just learned donkey kick today)!

has anyone learned a crankflip static before? would it be recomended?

I think learning a normal crankflip rolling forward would be easiest. I learned static backflips before forward ones though.

I highly advise that people don’t learn with two hands on the saddle, it looks pants and is bad technique.

Learn it one handed, allows you to get more flip on the cranks and keep yourself more controlled in the air.


i don’t even really kick the cranks. instead, i put both my feet on the edges of the pedals, and in the air, I sort of scrape them off. I scrape the back foot of first, and cranks flip fine.

I like that description of it, you sort of have ‘scrape’ your kicking foot off. It definitely isn’t just a “kick” forwards. Although I don’t do the ‘scraping’ motion with my back foot, I just ride with that on the pedal normally and jump.