Kickflip 3 stair

me kickflipping a 3 set

WOW nice i filmed and edited it

Is a kickflip, a treyflip except you actually kick the tire.

No its a HICKflip a treyflip is with a 3 spin that was only a 1 spin

nice, but i think you should do a video with all your new clips and not with only 1 trick. put your new tricks in a vid and then put in in the forums^^


or make a “new trick thread” like you said you would.

Ummm…looks more like a 2.2 set or something. But still really awesome.

nice trick :slight_smile:
and like the other guy said… make 1 movie :smiley:

wow that was really nice work:D

i think also:)

Good job. It would be cooler if you didnt already crankflip before you kicked it. Cool trick tho.

I was surprised by how little you flipped it before kicking
It was only about a quarter which was sweet I thought
Nice job!

It’s incredibly difficult to get it with absolutely NO flip at all before the kick, especially down a stairset. Thanks for the comment:)

Thanks. Most people don’t understand how hard it is to do it rolling and have them not flip.

As for the “all in one video” comments, I didn’t feel like getting 2 and a half minutes of filler clips for the 2 new ones I landed that day. I’m going to start a thread for my clips next time I land a new one.

wow :astonished: ^^ next is variel kickflip down sets!

Pretty nice.

i was waiting for someone to do this.

i’ve always thought this trick has awesome potential for looking really cool down sets.

I’m going to take it to a real 3 once i can roll out. It looks so much better when you roll out.

who says they have to be filler clips?
i could post 3 clips of new lines i got every day, but i don’t, i wait and make what is essentially a highlight reel of my riding of a day(has to be a great day), month, or few months.

I only landed 2 new tricks. They weren’t on my camera and I had to leave my friends house in like an hour. I just wanted to show my fellow unicyclists that I landed a cool trick down a set before I had to go back to my computerless house.:o

i saw atwell do one of those… i think it is a cool trick. but you should try to get 100% of the flip from the kick

I agree, this was more like a hickflip with a tap. This has potential to be a really cool trick, and certainly one I can’t do but I think you should work on getting all of the spin from the kick.