Kicked off University Campus!!!

Anyone familiar with my Uni habits know that i ride on the Quincy University Campus often. As a matter of fact, it’s the only place i have really worked on my stuff.

Last night i went out to uni before i had to go to bed to get up to get to work today (enough prepositions?). And as i’m hopping up that set of 20 or some stairs, the campus security arrives and tells me that i can’t ride there anymore because what i’m doing is to dangerous for them to be responsible for. Naurally i told them i understood completely and left without a fuss.

Not really angry about it, just really sad. That was the best and closest place to ride in the inner-city. Now i have to DRIVE somewhere to uni. This really bites. :frowning:

if you get asked to stop again speak to the head of security. it won’t hurt. i have done this before and had the decision of a grunt overturned
also if you have public liablility insurance ( as every performer should) then you can reassure them that they are not liable for your actions

Last weekend I was in riding at Western Washinton University and a university cop saw us riding. He took down all of our information and checked if any of us had records. After he found out that none of us did, he gave us all warning slips. I found it kind of weird that for riding in a university you get treated ;like a criminal. In Toronto (where I live) the university cops just come up and say something like “what you’re doing is really cool but find a different place to ride”.

Below is a copy of the ticket I got.


sorry the image didn’t work
here it is

Hah, that’s kind of funny, “other: unicycle on railing” heh heh sorry it’s just funny :slight_smile:

This is what we did at the University I work at:

Unicycling and the law: The UCSB story


I know what you mean…

I was riding in an empty gym floor on my Giraffe at a local university, and they wouldnt let me ride, becaue they said that the paint on the floor dried in bumps, so i might trip on them and fall.

Unlike you however, I protested and eventually ended up talking to the person who owns the gym, but he still wouldnt let me ride.

(The only reason that i was riding in the gym, was because there was snow outside, and now that its the summer… i dont have to do that anymore)


At Queen’s University and Kingston in general, I haven’t been accosted once outside. I learned in my residence though, and my don was a little tight about it (just riding in the halls), and told me to practice in the basement. Fortunately, this wasn’t before I exploited the narrow halls to be able to ride in a straight line, so I was beyond that stage anyway.

The basement was perfect! Really big open area, few people who pass, and those who did were usually cool about it. The size of the place was perfect for learning to turn.

Sadly, a staff member came by and stopped me one day, not too long before the ice outside melted. He said that I would mark up the floor (I don’t, but he didn’t care), and said one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard:

“If you do this, people with three wheel bikes and two wheel trikes will come down here too”.


Ya At the University of Memphis everyone gets in trouble for skateboarding, biking, Skating etc…I haven’t been yet but my friend has gone down there and everyone just watches and thinks its so cool, but he’s never get in trouble even though the security guards are kinda mean.


i recond u should protest get a uni army together idle and block the secruity guys path! that would be funny… stupid but funny :stuck_out_tongue:

At my university, they have a policy of no riding bikes during passing times. I’ve only been asked to get off my unicycle once, so I said okay, went a little further to where he couldn’t see me any more, and got back on and rode off. According to Utah law, I’m a pedestrian, and I could find no information pertaining to unicycles in the BYU rulebook, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m still a pedestrian. There is one guy I saw who was doing trials on campus, and if he gets caught, it might go bad for the rest of us (the majority of the BYUni population ride ours for transportation). But I graduated, so don’t spend much time on campus any more.
That was a pointless story. :roll_eyes:

My wife is a professor, therefore I am required to be on my best behavior at all times, can’t have the Mighty Wife called to the witness stand because I did some boneheaded thing.
So you were bouncing down steps. Legally this probably constitutes skateboarding, which college administrations despise. It is rough on the cement and legal staffs of schools. I can see why they busted you.
I have ridden my Schwinn all over the University Of Kentucky and my Coker all over App State and never heard boo from a security guard. I simply comply with ALL the bicycling rules, especially helmet, I don’t ride in high pedestrian areas, and I can’t do the bouncy tricks.
Universities are great places to sidewalk-bop, hillclimb and juggle. Try some distance with some drops thrown in for fun, maybe the security nazi will wave to you instead of worry that you are going to bust his concrete with your bare (?) skull and then sue him. carjug