Kickback Plants?

This is a footplant trick when you crankflip forward then when the footplant kick the cranks backwards with the other foot and land.

Do you think this would be any good? Supposing you were only on the ledge for the instant to just jump off again would this be cool at all. I think it’s pretty cool and will help for when you take away the footplant to just do this in the air. But yeah might be interesting.

-Shaun Johanneson

I’ve seen something like somewere… Oh, I think like Xavier Collos does that once somewere in the middle of the ‘Koxx road trip’ video from

that would be pretty sweet…go for it

Could I call you God?

yes i agree…all hail king shaun!!! lol.

I remember seeing it somewhere too…don’t think it was in there, though.

Anyways, I think it would make a pretty cool trick. Not too difficult to pull off, but it looks sweet. Probably a good transition to get to crankflip kickbacks. I remember crankflip footplants helped me learn regular flips, so I’d think this would help too. Original thinking.

what would be even cooler is doing it all in the air with one hop, sorta like an x-up crankflip

wathc shaun do it…

hell probably have it down by tomorrow

i dont think it would be an x-up coz u wouldnt have ne need to put ur other leg down, coz your in the air, i think it would be more like a late backflip if nething …

yeah u would, do a forward crankflip then stop it w/ your back foot and backward crankflip, in one hop, therfore an x-up

oh yeah, woops lol, i didnt see that there was a forward crankflip at first lol,

i thought it was just backflip

was it

That’s a cool footplant, who is that in the video? It looks like he only does the last part of what Shaun was talking about though -isn’t it supposed to start with a forwards flip?

go for it

it is not only doable, but necessary for… educatationness… in the unicyclist… comumunitty… JUST DO IT. I really would like to see this trick.

just do it
you know you want too

There already is a trick called an x-up in unicycling. Here is a vid of Shaun doing one. I think a more descriptive name for the other trick would be crankflip kickbacks or crankflip backflips. The footplant version isn’t very hard, in fact, I’ve already land a few. Without the footplant it’s near impossible, but if anyone can do it, Shaun J. can.

ill second that

Haha that’s rad thank you. Yeah i’ve actaully never hit a footplant of it, haha. I will, but yeah. I think maybe a backflip to lateflip would be easier than a crankflip to kickbackflip. (I guess if you kicked it it would be like crankflip kickbackflip, or backflip kickflip, or if you caught it then you would call it either backflip lateflip, or crankflip latebackflip. haha. Tricky) Interesting though if it could be done it will be done off something not a flat, hard enough for a doubleflip let alone two different crankflips in one jump. lol. Thanks for all the posts. I’ll keep you updated.

-Shaun Johanneson