Kick ups and unispins

Currently I have been working on unispin for my skill, and kickups for my mount, just a couple questions have arised:

~where do the feet go in the air?
~do you land on the pedals or the cranks?

~do you put your primary foot on the crank or the pedal?
~how do you avoid hurting the “tender area”?

  Thanks, I'm not feeling to well, so if this thread makes no sense, just ask, I'll try to explain it a bit more. :p 

-Jonathan Ware-

look, a video says a thousand words x frame rate per second.
probably 10fps in this case iirc

landing your feet on the cranks is easiry, especialy if you have profiles
its possible to do it on just the pedals.
i use the cranks for take off and landing,
i used to take off from the pedals and land on the cranks, this means you don’t have to move as quickly

but crank to crank is better because you can do spins repeatedly with only a short gap in between.

watch the hand placement in the video, this is important because its hardr to spin the unicyle if you don’t have good leverage on the saddle,
now i can do it with one hand but it means your landing has to be near perfect before it works.

I don’t know how to unispin yet, but I did just learn how to kick up. When I kickup, I place my dominant foot between the crank and the pedal (but a bit more on the pedal). I don’t know what you mean by tender area… I have not come close to hurting the boys when I kickup, but the arch on my foot really started hurting when I first learned. The pain took a few days to fade and when I tried it again I was a bit more careful. Now I can do it about three out of four times and the pain never came back. The pain was caused by the crank rubbing/mashing my arch.

Good luck, I hope you feel batter and never give up,

foot on pedal to kickup mount.

kick you seat foot out as you press down on the pedal,
let the unicycle seat hit your inside leg, then put you other foot on the pedal.

i’d say that mount with foot around seat and one foot idle are good skills to practice first.

I already can do the “other” mount you spoke of, and I can already one foot idle. so I do believe that I am almost ready. I already can spin the unicycle, I just haven’t been able to land on the pedals (or cranks) when it was time. thanks for your help guys.
-Jonathan Ware-

Most people seem to find kick-up mounts easier than uni-spins but I can now do uni-spins and I’m still nowhere near doing kickup mounts. Actually I haven’t really practiced kickup mounts much at all so maybe I should. Do I just need to lean over heaps more than I am? I’ve got my feet in the right place but the seat just won’t go up high enough.


lean towards the wheel and to the back.

Thanks. Why to the back?


the most important things to unispins is pulling your feet in to land on the pedals/ cranks… when you spin that sucker your feet should go out sideways

because it works better for most people.

one good way to pracrice unispins is the learn the transition into hopping on the wheel.

also practice starting the spin from the ground onto the pedals.

and i don’t think anyone in this thread has mentioned, practice practice practice.

same for the kickup mount, if know where to start all you need is practice.

thinking about it now, if you wear roach style gear it will help much, no more being afraid of injury from pedals. it helps many people learn much, much faster.

The kickup beat my legs to pieces until I put on the 661s. Try putting your foot on the pedal alone; that gives you a little more leverage to get the seat up. I tried pedal-and-crank but that didn’t work for me.

Most of my failed kickup mounts are because I’m too far forward when I finish the mount and am about to sit on the seat. I try to remind myself to lean back a bit and not to jump forward, but I still haven’t quite gotten it down.

When kicking up the seat try to kick yourself on the inner thigh. And make it forceful enough to get the seat up there quickly.

Thanks a lot for that, I’ll get onto practicing them. Am I right in assuming that a 20" uni would be better than a 24" for this sort of thing?


I unispin to the pedals, but I confess to never having progressed beyond the 180 stage. A general audience doesn’t know the difference! :slight_smile:

For kickups, my dominant foot is the one that does the kicking. In other words, I normally mount with my right foot, but I kick up with my right foot. However, this trick is pretty easy to learn on the opposite side so I don’t think it’s a huge thing.

I put my starting foot on more or less a 45 degree angle between the crank and pedal. It always seems to end up on the pedal without any extra work on my part.

Kick the seat to your leg, not to your “tender area.”

I’m not talking kicking it to my tender area. I thought that you would have the pedals parallel when you had kickup-ed. but I do believe that it ends up with the non-dominant (left) foot pedal will be the lower pedal at the time. correct?

I start by laying the unicycle down with the pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock. My non-dominant (left) foot is on the pedal while the dominant foot kicks. When the seat comes up, the rear pedal will become the bottom pedal. Your kicking foot should come down in front of the top (dominant) pedal and push it 1/4 turn back. This finishes it off like a side mount or standard rollback mount. And off you go. Never try to get going from the dead spot.