kick up mount?

I have been having trouble with this one and i would like to learn it, any tips?
Or could someone direct me towards a video of it or something of that sort?

for me, i lay the unicyce down, so the left crank is about 90-45 degrees from the frame.

the darker blue are the cranks, but once i have the pedal\cranks in the right position, i step my left foot on half of the pedal, and half onto the crank. Then with my right foot, i put it up and slightly under my seat. With my right foot i kick the seat directly into my left thigh, once its about to hit my thigh, i either grab the handle or i let the seat just come in without my assistance. once the seat is between my legs, i put my right foot on the pedal and i do a small idle and ride away.

The mount itself is pretty easy, but its gonna take a lot of practice to get it down, but once you do youll be able to do it very easily =p

untitled.bmp (116 KB)

Here is a video of my son doing a kick up mount. He prefers to do it to wheel walk than pedals.

thanks, those both helped. i can pretty much get it up there now and ride out of it like 8 out of 10 times.(after practicing it for like 45 minutes) its pretty easy, i just didnt even know how to go about it before.