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I am having problems with the kick up mount. I can usally get the seat under me, but once I do that the cranks are verticle and I can’t pedal away. I’m not good enough yet to take a pedal backwards first. Where position should the cracnks be when they are on the ground? Any other tips?

Learn the rollback mount first. :slight_smile:
It was my first mount…

It’s just to learn to kick off from the ground lagom (swedish word for “not to little, not to much” you should have one for it in english), and to learn that you have lot’s of time when tou’re there, your lower foot locks the wheel where it is. :slight_smile:

I just managed to land one of these my last time out. I too struggled with getting started with the pedals verticle. The trick is to lean just slightly forward during the entire thing and you will be able to pedal out of it. It probably took me about 100 tries in a row to get it, but now I can get it once out of 5 or so.

Practice the extreme side mount (where you start the same way but pick up the seat with your hand) and make sure you can pedal out of that. When you can, apply the same prinicpal to the kick-up mount. You’ve got the hard part (getting the seat under you and your foot on the pedal), now spend a bit more time and land it!

Pedal positionin–see diagram

PS landing a kickup is harder than doing half a revolution backwards. Much, much harder. Learn to Idle–you won’t know how helpful a skill it is until you know how to do it.

just run strait on ur uni… thats what I do and it works

I second this emotion. Most times when I do a kick-up mount I end up riding away backwards… doing an idle gets me going forwards from there.

Just a shot in the dark: You might also figure out how to put your feet on the cranks when you kick up. It will keep your cranks vertical, but it might make the mount harder.

Here’s a vid of me doing a kick up that I slowed down so you can see what’s happening. (I know it may not be the best but I only started riding a uni this spring)

I don’t think I pedal at all backwards but because of the pedal placement when I get up I’m automatically rolling backwards and have to change direction and start pedaling forward.

I got it off the bat learning, I never had the prob with the vertical cranks till i learned to do it left footed…just try to push your leg back on it, like you do on a normal mount…

I watched your video and I think that it is harder to do them while just walking… running makes it easyer to me anyways.

Re: Kick up mount

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 16:25:49 -0600, lleberg wrote:

>It’s just to learn to kick off from the ground lagom (swedish word for
>“not to little, not to much” you should have one for it in english),

Maybe lagom could in most cases simply be translated as
enough? Other options include sufficient, adequate, or just right. In
this case “just enough” would do it.

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