kick up mount!

I did a kick up mount a few times! I can’t do it consistanly but I get close every time. I also droped off a pinic table.

I just tried it and my metal pedals hit me in the shin. owch.

spiffy!! a kickup mount is like the FUNNEST mount EVER. and it impresses people very easily (:

Yup. Glad to see your still here Potter. I think I might start posting a lot more here since I’ve just got more into unis.

EDIT: I bent my LX just a little bit when I dropped off the table.

“Bah, Unispins are easy”

MR. “Im too good for small hills”!

Re: kick up mount!

That reminds me: I’ve been meaning to ask a question about kick-up

I have my freestyle seat set fairly high. High enough that hopping is
difficult and I have to stand on my toes to transition to/from seat
out. Attempts at kick-up mounts have proven somewhat dangerous as the
seat seems to aim straight for the boys. Needless to say, I haven’t
been working this skill much.

So I am wondering if it is just lack of technique on my part, or is a
lower seat needed for a safe kick-up mount.


higher seat is much easyer because you are standing up, and i usualy have my seat way low for street and if i stand up it pops out.

More on kick up mounts. I ride with my seat relatively low, so that is not a problem. However, I can’t actually get my foot on the pedal correctly so I am able to force the seat up and under my foot. I’ve watched videos and I think I understand the theory behind it, but I just can’t quite get it.

Specifically, a question I have is where should the pedal that my foot be going on be? Should it be “up high”, meaning as close to the seat as possible, or should it be “down low”? Any help?

Agreed! However, not like the funnest mount ever, but is the funnest mount ever. All other funnest mounts are like a kickup mount.

Wherever it ends up. I shoot for the crank, so no matter where the pedal is I’ll hit something attached to my uni. That’ll increase your chance of “sticking” the mount and riding off.

Funny thing is, I usually end up riding off backwards from a kickup mount, not always intentionally… must be the orientation of my wheel whilst the uni’s still on the ground.

I don’t actually ride backwards when doing the kickup mount, but I sort of go into an idle, pedal backwards half a revolution then start going forwards. kinda like a rollback mount I s’pose… it’s just because of the position the cranks are in when you start. I think.

Kick up mounts were too difficult for me until at BUC when rogeratunicycledotcom suggested raising my seat up. Then I landed it sitting on the seat rather than dropping down onto it (ouch).

As for the foot/pedal bit, he also suggested foot on pedal at 9 (at back of uni) and instep placed sideways on crank so that foot is almost placed on the pedal as you will ride when on board. Flicking the seat-lifting foot up behind you seems to help too.

I’m pretty consistent at it now. Thanks, Roger!