Kick Up Mount

Ive been working on the kickup mount lately, and im having some trouble. Every time I kick it up, I get the seat in the right place, and my foot is on the pedal, but the other foot always ends up on the ground. has anyone had this problem? Any tips?


Hate to be the one that says this, but…

Keep trying

Place the uni on the floor in the proper position and stand on it ready to mount. Now take two step backwards so you are behind it and below it. Walk towards the uni but carry on walking as if you are going to walk over it. The uni should kick-up into the right position. Try it and it should be a bit clearer.

The second tip is to go for it. If you go at it a bit half hearted you wont do it.

A thirdly… practice.

tonight i’ll take a couple of movies of one. that might help you.

is your grounding foot touching the ground behind or in front of the uni?
u can see how the answer to this question will help u finetune your own mount

what helped me out of this self same slump was to aim my body diagonally forward heading in the direction of the wheel
that simply put me in a position to sit on the seat once aquired and find the pedal with my foot, having a momentary still stand

max’s pics will be worth lots of words
the practise advice is also valid


Lay the unicycle on its side with the top pedal facing 90 degrees to the rear. Now draw an imaginary line from the top of your seat post, through the pedal, to a spot behind the bottom of the tire. This is approximately where you need your center of mass to be when you kick the unicycle up. Make sure you use enough “oomph” to get there, and aim for that spot.

Once you get there, since your pedals will be in the dead spot, push the top pedal 1/4 turn to the rear, and riding away should be a piece of cake. With practice.

After reading about several people learning to kickup I knew I had to learn. For the longest time I tried, but didn’t seem to get anywhere with it. After watching Jeff Lutkus do it on one of his videos I realized I had been doing it all wrong. When I went back out to try, I nailed it on the second try. Moral of the story is… Videos help a lot more then words. Here’s the video I used to learn.

Good luck, and never give up.



This probably means that I have been cheating the kickup mount, I have doing them and when I do it the unicycle cranks are completly horizontal facing me, and the other one away from me. So this leaves the frame at an upward angle and the seat is up to my knee. Making the whole mount more manouverable. This way doesnt count does it?

well I forgot to bring the camera last night… but Ill remeber this weekend.

Re: Hei

Yup. It’s not a traditional kickup mount.

I don’t know if your style of kickup mount would count as a unique mount for skill level testing or not? I think it would still be an interesting mount. I don’t even know if your mount has a name.

is it possible to get some video of this mount?

that’s what I was planning on.

kickup-ish mount

I have been learning a kickup-ish mount and it’s really spectacular but I need to practice more to land it more often. I just learned it last night. I’m so excited. I can show off even more to the neighbourhood that knows little if anything about unicycling and then look really, really good. Hee hee.

I’m not sure if mine is correct either. I will try to explain what I do.
I keep the right pedal as high as it will go and the left one, as a result, goes to its lowest position. I then lay the unicycle on the ground on its right side. Keeping my left foot on the left pedal which is kind of sideways, and the seat just below my knee, I kick the seat up and sit on it and then ride away if I’m lucky.

That may sound weird, but it’s another mount so I can be a level 3 rider unofficially…

I also wish to know if my technique is flawed. Thank you for any advice, tips, etc.


Im actually pretty sure thats what i do for that mount. You just explained it better.

Two vids up. if there not good enough, stuff it. I mean… I can take more, really I can. shifts eyes

I am downloading that video as we speak, er well not speak, but you get the idea.

Thanks for taking the time to make it and such.

Thanks a lot Max, I thinked those helped a lot.
(goes to practice kickup in snow(first time it has snowed here since 1986!)

The last time it snowed here was the day before yesterday. :smiley: And I had to shovel off the slippery deck in the backyard so I could practice… I’m tired of snow.