Kick Up Mount

I have been looking up different ways to mount, and I can reverse mount and stuff, and I’ve recently learned how to suicide mount, but I can’t do the Kick-Up Mount. Any Tips?

place your foot so that it is at a diagonal, not on the crank, not on the pedal, but on across both of them at the same time. Then put your other foot beneath the seat at about the seatpost. Put your weight on the pedal foot, and then right after pull your leg up and put your hand out to catch the seat and put it in place, then bring your other foot onto the pedal and ride away. If you have super grippy pedals this will be really hard, and it’s easier to do on smaller uni’s like a 20"

EDIT: If you find yourself flying off right after you kick up, it’s probably because you took you weight off the stepping foot, keep your weight on that foot until you can ride away.

EDIT 2: Oh and practice on the grass or something else soft. You don’t need flat ground to learn the kick up part, just the ride-away part.

^yea to all of the above.

also if need be lower saddle a bit, and just keep practicing. just do it for like 3 hrs str8 if you have to, you’ll just get it.

I don’t ever use my hand to put the seat in place, I throw the seat into the correct place with my foot.

Also, being able to side mount will help with the riding away part.

Also search on “kick up” or “kick-up” for more threads with more detailed information. I offer that instead of writing the directions again… :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I lowered my seat a lot, and it really helps the kick-ups. Otherwise you will have to pull your leg up higher.

Yeah… I botch it sometimes, and catch it SIF. Which is cool, but not always desired.

I was trying this recently (to no avail). Is this something that is better/easier to learn on a 24" or 20" than a 29"(my usual ride)?

Harder to do on bigger wheels. I’d recommend learning on a 20" first. I can’t do it on my 24 because the pedals are too grippy and I can’t slide into it.

I learned from this video: Which is actually good, unlike a lot of expertvillage videos.

Thanks Dane, I will try it with my 20". The video makes it look pretty simple.

This is a great video too.

It really isn’t that difficult. Getting the confidence to do it and then getting it consistent is a different thing. But practicing on grass really helped me. Wear some bike shorts and lower your seat a little bit, and there should be nothing to be afraid of.

Two issues many people have when learning the kick-up mount are:

  • Kicking the seat up
  • Balance position once the seat is up [/LIST]

    Think about bringing the seat all the way up to your other leg, otherwise you’ll get half-way up and get stuck.

    Once the seat is up the rider tends to fall forward. This is because the wheel rotates back about a quarter of a pedal since the crank starts out pointing back (parallel to the ground) and ends up pointing straight down (perpendicular). This rotation puts the wheel behind your hips, and you fall forward. To compensate for this, when you start the kick-up, shift your weight back a little, aiming your hips to be right above your pedal foot. This is where the hub will be once your are up.

  • Very good points.

    Look at the direction your crank is pointing, that is where the wheel will be touching the pavement when you get up. So ditto on the keeping weight back tip.

    Also, if you find you’re having a hard time riding out of having your cranks straight up and down, learn how to mount with your pedal pointing straight down, it will help you loads.