Kick Up Mount

Anyone have a good guide on how to do a kick up mount…my neighbors arent very helpful…

Kickup Mount

This tutorial is in Polish or something, but it’s easy to tell what he’s trying to convey. This is how I learned it.

EDIT - don’t know why this video won’t show up as embedded right now.

The trick for me was to have the cranks perpendicular to the frame, that way as you’re kicking, your weight pushes down and backward on the cranks, pushing the uni back into you so you can then catch it with your legs/crotch/riding area.

Another trick is to position your foot at a 45 degree angle to the pedal and the crank, so your foot slides from the crank to the pedal as you’re going up into the riding position

Sorry for the crappy pictures and no video of me doing it, I’m in my dorm room and there’s not much space to ride :~(

Foot position:

Flex your legs before, so you can get a good “snap” up

Hope this helps :~)

Get yourself in the position shown above. Take two large strides backwards. Then start walking forwards quickly. With your first step your foot slides under the saddle. With the second step you step onto the saddle and with the third step you pick up the saddle with your foot.

Doing it this way is easier (IMO) than starting stood on the uni and it looks a lot better, especially when you can judge the distance and don’t need the backwards bit to get set-up. You need to walk forward with a reasonable pace and a plenty of confidence.

Also search the forums. I know I’ve written a detailed description of this at least once before…