kick-up Help

im working on the kickup mount right now and i cant seem to getm it…i have the uni positioned right and everything but when i kick it up it either shoots forward or my second foot wont go on the pedal…is this just a practice thing or is there i trick to it that im unaware of?

well… when I do it I look foward run rlly fast too and dont be too scared to face plant… and yea it will take a little bit of practice to…

a running kick-up mount? maybe it’ll work ill try tommrow…and its not that im afraid of faceplanting…i do that all the time, i just really want to get this down…its the last skill i need to complete level 3.

I can ONLY do it running… hahaha

Why can’t you just learn an easier mount?

maybe it’s his life goal to kick up mount who knows

Keep in mind that in order to do this mount you have to get the uni upright, and keep yourself upright. Just keep thinking up, up, up. Concentrate on kicking up the seat as high as possible… it might help to position the seat midway between your ankle and your knee to begin with. Once the uni is up and the seat is where it should be (underneath your bum, against your thigh), putting your second foot on shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

If the unicycle is shooting forwards then you need to try a different pedal position. I put my crank at about 4 o’clock before putting my first foot on it.

As with any unicycle trick, it’ll take time to learn. Just practice a lot and it’ll come to you eventually. Let us know how it goes! Good luck.

me and the uni both go up(mostly) like i go upright then the uni comes up and conects with my inner thigh but then i just cant see, to get my second foot on.

I’ve been trying kickup mounts a few times recently. Roger gave us a quick tutorial at a unimeet, and the trick is to lean over/forwards more than you think you need to, and at the same time bring the saddle up with your foot as if you’re trying to kick yourself in the arse. I can’t do it yet, but I haven’t practised very much - the saddle nearly always goes into the right place but I’m usually off balance (need to lean more). The main problem I have is that it hurts the side of my foot (need thicker shoes I think).


ok ill try that today…thanks

Why not just do an easier sport? :stuck_out_tongue: ;).

I find the trick is to have somewhere to go with it, if you know what direction you’re going to be riding in when you finish you end up doing everything the right way to reach that goal (or at least thats what I found helped). I started by trying to end up riding forwards, and it was never working, but if I tried to end up riding at 90 degrees to the way I was initially facing it seemed to work.


I find its easiest to do when the pedal is as close to 6 o clock as you can get it. Then put your favorite foot (the one you perfer to idle with) flat on the V of the crank and the pedal (It should slide into position when you get the uni up). I think most of the lifting comes from your opposite foot, use that foot to lift the seat and try to tuck it into position and if need be use your hands to help. Keep alot of weight on your favorite foot while lifting then as quickly as possible get your lifting foot onto its pedal and ride off. Hope that helps.

When you are able to kick the uni up but you can’t get your foot on the pedal, you should start to work on one-foot idle so you don’t have to rush to get your foot where you need it just relax, idle, and then put your foot on the pedal.

And also if you start with the pedals going sideways, when you kick the uni up don’t try and catch the pedal with your foot as it is going up. just put your foot on it when it reaches the top of its rotation.

I made a video a while back where I did a kickup in slow motion… it might help:

Kickups are easy. Once you get it. There aren’t really any easier mounts that are worth doing for showing-off purposes.

The pedal you start on should be horizontal, toward the rear of the uni (9:00, not 6:00). This doesn’t matter too much, as the pedal will go to the bottom as you come up anyway. But starting with it toward the rear will bring the wheel back underneath you as well.

Don’t try any other position than having the first pedal at the bottom when you try to get the other foot on. This is contrary to regular mounts. When you come up level, your second foot should hit that top pedal from the front, pushing it rearward. This will bring the wheel more back, and should force you to ride away if you’ve done all the other parts right.

Are you doing all the other parts right?

yeah kickups are crazy easy…im nailing it every time now…thanks for all oyour help.

why dont you just do some easier mounts for lvl 3 and just keep working on that one. For lvl 3 i did a normal mount, jump mount, and 180 uni spin mount.

I couldn’t do it for a while and i practiced and then i finally got it

Here is a short video clip of my son doing a kick up mount that may help


thanks all but i just posted early yesterday…i got em down…thanks everyone.