Kick Stand for Unicycle

Whilst browsing Unicycle.Uk.Com, I found this…

Unicycle Kick Stand

Has anyone used one of these before?
I wonder how stable it would be.


My favorite part is where it says, “care must be taken when using this product.”
Question: Who is their target audience? I doubt it would be Trials, MUni, or Freestyle riders, as this would get in the way. Distance riders? It’s made for a 20" wheel.
Ingenious device, but in my mind, a little pointless.

That looks realy nice.

my first thought is that if it were made in 29-er size, it could surely (maybe with adaptation to lock it) also be used as a luggage rack when in the ‘up’ position.

Bah. I see it as no different then a bike stand. Nice bikes never have them. Unecessary weight. The seat takes enough falls to make an occasional lean on a wall inconsequential.

They missed one of the best futures of it. Stationary uni!

It’s a cool idea, but I don’t see it catching on. I wouldn’t get it for my uni… unless it did function as a rack. Then it would be a while lot more useful. Just have to be careful not to drop it :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I see how the frame is kept upright. I’m sure there’s a way designed into the device but I just don’t see it from the pictures.

I have to agree with the concensus, it’ s rather pointless for most riding styles.


I don’t think the stand looks strong enough to support someone using the package as a stationary uni. Just my opinion.


i got this kick stand on my uni and it works great!
i am really satisfied with it and recommend it to anyone sick of looking for the position on the wall where the uni isn’t falling down!

i mostly do unicycle hockey, and the stand isn’t disturbing in any way. it also doesn’t come down if you don’t want it to.

the stand actually can be used as an rack in the upper position … for two juggling balls :smiley:

ciao ole

Ha! That’s what the average person probably thinks about a unicycle. And they might not see the kickstand as a bit more pointless!

I have an OGK unicycle from Japan, that came with a built-in kickstand. It works in a similar way to this one, but is a little more substantial, and clips to the seat tube when in the up position. I don’t know anything about this unicycle. I bought it on eBay, and I assume it originated with someone who brought it from Japan when they moved here.

How does the stand hold the frame up? Take a closer look. That’s what it’s bolted to. Looks like this or the one on the OGK are not the most stable things. They’ll hold the uni up as long as you don’t give it a push…