Kia ora from NZ

Kia ora,
Just joined up, been riding for almost 18 months and starting to make some real progress. I can ride 4-5 kms now :slight_smile: …but still can’t free mount :angry:

Started with a Qu-Ax 20" and then a Qu-Ax 24" Muni that I ride on the bush tracks near my home. Then bought a Nimbus E-Sport 24 to ride at work (Navy Base Gymnasium :sunglasses: ).
Just this week pulled the trigger on a Nimbus Hatchet 26" and I am beside myself waiting for it to arrive.

I travel around NZ a bit with my job so I occasionally bag up the Uni and take it with me. Claim to fame would have to be riding in an Army base carpark all day after we had major earthquake last year on Dec 2nd. We were locked out of our buildings until the all clear was given so what else does one do??

Looking forward to chatting and picking up some good hints and tips.


Welcome to the forum Boulty lots of good info here on the forum.
When you get that hatchet you’ll be free mounting it in a few days. Just learn to use the brake where you can just jump on it and start peddling. I’ve been doing it on my K/H 29" and it works well.

Hi Boulty, glad you could join us! That’s a nice range of unicycles you’re assembling. I’m looking forward to reading more about your riding adventures in NZ. That’s one of the best things about unicycling, seeing what goes on in parts of the world so far from where I am.

For what it’s worth: I had my first freemounting success on a 24" standard (non-muni) unicycle. The 20" wheel was too hard to keep still, and the seats on the bigger ones were too far off the ground. :slight_smile: So maybe your E-Sport would be good. But mostly keep riding and keep trying. I think the progress came as much as anything from simply getting better at riding, being able to recover less-than-perfect mount attempts and ride away. That just came with seat time, and muni riding might have been especially helpful.

Good luck and be safe!

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