KHframe,hub and more. Want to buy!

I want to buy a bunch of stuff.
before I go to I will let you guys have a chance!

I need a…
kh or nimbus hub with isis bolts, bearings, and all spacers.
2 extra isis bolts
2extra spacers… the ones that touch the crank arms and bearings.

20inch khframe 2007 model

spokes for khnimbus/19inch alexdx rim

2kh handles
2kh back bumpers
2rim strips for 19inch rim


make an offer or just tell me that you want me to make an offer.

I can get pictures if you need but the will be links, not actually on this page.


ohh, I want some wellgo mg-1 pedals too

oh, I am hoping that whoever has the hub pedals or frame will also have another one of these parts that I need.

I think I might give up though. looks like nobody has these parts…


might wanna check this out.

wow, I let my buddy know about that one. hmmmm What do you think it will sell for? 150 right now…

I am also willing to buy hubs off people that have stripped threads from mistakes using crank pullers! get the word out, if you know anyone that has a stripped hub…