KH36 Schlumpf USA

Kris Holm 36er (2012 frame)
Built by Bronson Silva (Silva Cycles)
Schlumpf geared mUni hub # M0426
KH Spirit crank arms 137mm
KH Street Saddle
Nimbus Shadow Handle (reinforced)
Magura HS33 (rim) brake with KH Spooner
Waltworks 36 mUni tire (1540g)
Lightweight Foss tube
Shipped in original box
Pickup or buyer pays shipping from 40299


For sale Kris Holm 36” unicycle with Schlumpf / KH mUni hub # M0426. One owner. Estimated miles ~1500 all on the road (kids and I all have KH29ers for mUni) so wheel is as true as the day it was built by Bronson Silva in 2012. Hub is engraved “Silva Cycles”. KH Street saddle (great for distance) sits atop a reinforced Nimbus Shadow Handlebar to stretch out and relieve saddle pressure. On your left bell and Shimano cycle computer included. Ergo grip midway down straight bar for easy access to KH Spooner brake lever. Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brake. Waltworks 36 mUni tire (1540g). Lightweight Foss tube. Q factor of KH Spirit crank arms and short-ish 137mm length makes for easy heel or ankle shifting. Every detail has been meticulously thought out and this jewel of a unicycle rides like a dream in either gear. Kris himself suggests learning to shift your first Schlumpf is best done on a 36er. I hesitate to sell the hub separate as I’ve got another ungeared 36er. I’ll include Florian’s own crank tightening bolt ($50 value) shipped from Switzerland. I’m keeping my Park Tool torque wrenches (always handled with TLC) but you’ll get the original Schlumpf manual and 3 syringes of mUni-or-bust hub grease. I’m in Louisville Kentucky 40299. Local pickup preferred. I’ll throw in free lessons and show you some of the best street furniture to start off downhill in high gear which I feel really builds confidence shifting. Otherwise buyer pays shipping cost. I’ve plenty of unicycle dot com boxes on hand to assure safe arrival. The price is $1,499 firm.


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