KH36 Rollercoaster MUni POV Movie, Final Cut

I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few weeks gathering and editing 36’er footage with the GoPro HD and would like to share the final cut of ‘KH36 Rollercoaster’, a teaser for a longer 36’er movie I’ve been thinking about making and will hopefully get around to over the next few months.

Quite a few changes to the draft version. Hope you enjoy it!

Btw, even in HD Youtube doesn’t do justice to the clarity of the GoPro HD footage. Playing the full size file on a big HD TV looks GREAT, especially for a little gadget.

Embedded in HD at my blog:


Whipped by spinning and sugar

Hazards of sitting high on the 36’er

Cool trees

Cranking a turn

very cool, looks like you had a fun time making it. thanks

Great stuff!

Cool one pete. I just bought a Gopro hd camera for myself after seeing how good the results are from yours and Terry’s muni vids. Keep em coming.

That made me dizzy :smiley:
Good crazy work :slight_smile:

Brilliant video !! Loved it. Music went really well with the pace of the video, and loved the transitions between views. Nice One :smiley:

hey thanks guys!

It really was a lot of fun to make, and I’ve fallen in love with 36’er MUni again - 24 GUni look out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone considering getting a GoPro HD I’d thoroughly recommend it. They fixed the two biggest problems with the old camera - battery source/life and video resolution. Provided you shoot within its limits (just like any still or video camera and lens combo) the quality is great. Watching the high quality render on a big TV is very cool.