KH36 Rollercoaster MUni Movie

KH36 Rollercoaster Singletrack MUni Movie. I had a lot of fun making it, hope you enjoy it!

Shot entirely using a GoPro HD

Embeddded HD version, story and pics at:

Some screencaps from the movie below.




That was very well made, I loved it! Very nice angles.

A fun vid for sure. Loved looking at your woods…

Thanks Danni!

For the first time my oldest daughter emailed it to her friends, so it must be an improvement on my earlier uni vids! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Shug.

We recently moved house, away from the forests I’d grown to really love over many years, and I was a bit bummed out, concerned the riding in the new place wouldn’t compare. As it turns out - relief - there is a LOT of great riding, a very strong MTB community, and lots of forest and hills nearby. A different kind of forest - much harsher and drier but still good fun.

So it’s kinda fun to put down some new uni roots here and making the movie helped!

Awesome video. Loved the pace of the riding, the different angles, and the music fit well. Really liked the shadow when you were filming backwards :slight_smile:

Wow, that was brilliant! I think I’ll have to get a GoPro now…

Thanks Johnny!

I really like the shadow backwards too, would be fun to make a shadow only uni video.

thanks munirocks, appreciate it.

I reckon the GoPro has come of age with the HD version. They fixed the two things that were very crappy about the camera and limited its use - the resolution and the power source. The LCD menu is still crap but you can put up with that.

If you don’t already it’s worth keeping an eye on GoProCamera on Facebook - - there is so much great POV video posted there of all sorts of adventure activities.

I’ve got a little review of the GoPro HD just about finished for my blog, maybe a day or two before it’s done, but that’s the bottom line - they’re cool, get one!

hahaahahah that was really cool

This is now my favourite unicycling video :sunglasses:

hey thanks guys, that is so cool you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

I might do an alternative edit, and also a shadow video as looking through all the footage there’s probably enough.


After watching that I want both the KH 36" and the GoPro HD!

haha you got an awesome face man! I liked the vid a lot, scrotum angle was hilarious. would have liked more of distance shots, I always was like “up, up with the camera!” get what I wanna say?

@4umfreak: cool! I’d become too obsessed with the GUni, back in love with offroading on the 36’er now!

@concierge: thanks dude, world needs more scrotum angles :stuck_out_tongue:

hear ya about distance shots. I meant to take more but didn’t get around to it, so made it an in your face kinda thing. doing a re-edit though just to see what it turns out like. one day would love to have a regular HD camera to go with the GoPro.

Have posted the final version of the Rollercoaster movie at:

Quite a few changes all up, especially the last quarter which seems to flow better. Also an extra thingy at the very end :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your feedback!