KH36 P-frame prototype for distance riding

fresh from the Unicycle Bastard’s armory:
I’ve birthed some unusual combinations of parts never intended by nature . . . KH seatposts welded to cut-up threadless bike stems, aluminum shock absorber two-piece collars connected to go-cart tie rod ends and . . . . well anyway, I now have a working prototype of the distance P-frame concept that Gizmo started a couple of weeks back. This design allows a HUGE amount of adjustment to find the right fit and amount of saddle relocation to the rear.

I’m calling the part I built the upper frame and once connected to the lower KH36 frame, the entire unit is amazingly stiff and it weighs a pound less than the last distance bar I made.

I have a flat tire to fix, so no I haven’t ridden it yet.

Brycer1968 and a Unicycle Bastard at

wow these are looking weirder every thread.

Cool, great job Brycer! I wish you were closer to me…I’d love to collaborate on projects like this.



wow that looks cool! Comfy :smiley:

Suddenly my new Max Taint Creation seems so 2008 …

Wow… How does that ride?

Yeah, ditto what Corbin said. Very nice.

Awesome! Hope it rides as goood as it looks.

Let us know how it rides once you get your flat tire fixed. It looks very high to me, but maybe it’s okay for you.

Very innovative!. But doesn’t a unicycle find the center for you? Why move the seat back?
Unless it’s to reduce the uni weight or to make the front more stiff. :roll_eyes:
oh Is that 2 reasons? It does look like steering would be different.

I like it… it looks cool. Can’t wait to hear about the test ride.

Same reason as for the T-frame vs 7-frame.

Two short poles are better than one uber long one in terms of strength. Although the P frame does compensate for that because of the added brace.

Yes, bars do look too high now, but I’ll play around with the “teeter-totter” aspect of this to adjust the stem-post angle to drop the front end down/seat up a bit.

Now all that’s needed is a suspension shock on the brace!

Yes, The Gizmo speaks the truth on this. I sat down on the seat without the brace in place and it felt sort of “shiftey” The brace locks up all that flex and movement witht the strongest/most stable geometric shape: The triangle
My brace is overbuilt for the job. It could be much less robust and lighter.

I have to keep reminding my self that all this crazy nutty custom stuff is a stop-gap measure, just buying time. . . . and comfort until the production 36er v-frame is available to the masses, but if this turns out to be like the American public waiting for the release of a production quality all electric vehicle, man we could be waiting for a bit.

So, how many hands would be up if someone made a run of Rick Hunter quality v-frames in steel with maggie brake mounts and a choice of ISIS and square taper bearing holders - for like under $350? In Portland there are a slew of master frame builders that weave magic and steel in Portland’s craft bike building industry. One of them has already done a 29er ISIS frame for unicross racing and the Bastards were given it for testing. I think this industry might be hungry for work. Its the green one at:

$300-350 sounds good to me.

I am not in the market today, but a V-frame is something I may be interested in eventually. I would like to see what they looked like and get some feedback from riders. The $300+ range sounds plausible for a nice frame.

Ride report on the R-frame

Just posted at:


Yeah unfortunately we currently live in a world of competition and scarcity with not much sharing. So whoever is good enough to share ideas without patenting them and selling them is very generous and cool in my opinion. It doesn’t make sense to me that the government doesn’t subsidise clean renewable energy to coax the masses away from fossil fuels- to implement perpetual clean power! The wait is needless- just temporary fictional money problems. The power is in the people though I guess but we are suckers for cheapness and disposability.

The evolution of balance award goes to a team of people who propose a difficult, creative and remote unicycling adventure somewhere in the world.

I think that it would be cool if there was an additional category of prize for people who are actually evolving the balance point. The prize money could be put to good use, and Kris Holm Unicycles could even make money off a design if someone is willing to sell or give him their innovative ideas.

I really like the idea of having the arm rests and the slim seat- long distance riding makes my body beg for something like that. I sometimes rest my elbows on the ends of my T7 bars just to use different muscles for a moment.

I don’t think that companies sharing ideas is so unusual, They just don’t give away technology without any kind of gain for themselves. It makes sense to share technology if there is mutual gain from the sharing. One great example in the snowmobile world is when Bombardier (Ski-Doo) and Polaris decided made a deal giving each-other some great technology. Bombardier gave Polaris engine reversing technology and Polaris gave Bombardier the technology behind their double A arm front suspension.

Yes they helped their biggest competitor but both companies were able to capture a bigger part of the market, saw increased sales and didn’t have to pay any extra for R&D. See what happens when you share?