KH36, KH24, possibly KH20flat

I have a KH36 (latest iteration) fitted with spirit cranks 127/150 and shimano disc brakes plus starfighter, a KH24 (2007?), 150 moments, fitted with a brycer maggie set up with spooner, and a KH flatland, 20 inch rim with 110 cranks (moment), and also have with this an additional KH19 rim with creepy crawler tyre and spirit cranks 137 with rollos. Spare tyres (20’s), including a new 24 inch duro leopard.
Pics to come if requested. All in good order. Offers considered but postage reluctantly so. Assortment of stock pedals and incl sealed fit mac pedals (used).
Pm if interested

i was not able to pm you sorry

G’day, names Chris just wondering how much for the 36, can I see some pics and what area are you in, I’m in Newcastle, if you can please pm me


assorted pics