KH36 frame 2016

I have a new KH36 frame for sale. I bought it several month ago. found it is not straight and never installed it. If you install a wheel (not dished) then the wheel would be ~2mm closer to one leg than the other. You can do one of the following:

  1. Live with it (you probably would never notice it during riding)
  2. Dish the wheel
  3. Put a strip of aluminum from a beer can in one of the bearing holder
  4. Use the frame to build something like turtle’s 36" v

Only the frame is included. Asking $95 + shipping.

The frame is in blue, but somehow my phone rendered it purple. Sorry about it.

Interesting, I’ve had that on two 29". Is this a feature? A bad rig at the factory? I ended up cutting a strip from a metal tin as it was clearly a leg longer than the other issue.

I’ve got the same issue with my 24KH frame I bought 6 months ago… I did double check to make sure that it wasn’t the KH wheel itself the one to blame (following some steps I found in the forum…).

As far I can tell it doesn’t affect the riding though… therefore I didn’t bother to try to get it replaced from the shop…

Why didn’t you return it for a better frame?

That’s what I was thinking.

Maybe some compensation has already been made?

Price is now $85 + shipping.

will you take $75 including shipping?


$75 + shipping

How about $75 + shipping?

PM on its way…

The frame is still available.


Sold. Thanks.

I still have a kh24 frame in very good condition. It comes with a home made handle bar.