KH36 frame 2011 and nimbus D'brake

I have a used KH36 frame for sale. It was bought in late 2011 and it has some scratches.

The KH36 frame was not straight from day one, i.e. if the wheel is not dished then the wheel would be ~2mm closer to one leg than the other. You can do one of the following:

  1. Live with it (you probably would never notice it during riding)
  2. Dish the wheel
  3. Put a strip of aluminum from a beer can in one of the bearing holder
  4. Use the frame to build something like turtle’s 36" v

Also as you can see in the picture I ground the side of one of the bearing housing to install disc brake with KH spirit crank (and nimbus D’brake).

Includes two bearing holder, 4 bolts, and a nimbus D’brake.

Asking $95 + shipping.

The frame is in blue, but somehow my phone rendered it purple. Sorry about it.

Price lowered to $85 + shipping for the set

Price lowered to $75 + shipping for the set

The frame and D’brake are still available

Free Shimano hydraulic brake m486 included

Now include free Shimano hydraulic brake m486. It is in excellent used condition and functions perfectly. The hose is about 31.5" long.

Disk Brake?

Are you willing to sell just the shimano disk
brake? How much?

Check ur private message. Thanks.

75 for the frame, Dbrake, and brake? I’ll buy it, if you haven’t already split it up.


OK. Check ur private message.


Sold! I still have another kh36 frame (new/2016) and a kh24 frame for sale.