KH36 Footage

Here is some quick footage of me on my KH36 :slight_smile:




Great music selection!!!

POV 36ing is the new thing i just ordered myself a nimbus 29er with with ISIS and a kh fusion freeride seat for only an additional 15 dollars :D:D great angle above tire…i loved it!

with that new ride I don’t think its possible to be un-happy. :slight_smile:

I really dont like the look of them freeride saddles they look really weird, what are they like to ride?

By far the most comfortable for me.

Thats a really nice video. I loved the camera angle with the tyre looking perfectly still and the stuff around zipping about.

The fusion freeride saddle is a really comfy saddle. I would recomend it.

Nice one, that frame looks very sweet. Must resist!