KH29XC + Handle Bars??

I want to put some handle bars on my KH29XC, but I dont want to buy the GB4 handles, or the reeder (After just buying my KH29XC, my Dad doesnt want me buying anything for a while).

On the KH29XC, the fusion saddle has this bar underneath it, I think it is part of the angle changing system. Would I be able to weld some handle bars onto that bar?

Also if you guys know of anyone who has done a custom handle bar project, could you please link me to a post or a gallery of it, thanks.


Re: KH29XC + Handle Bars??

That bar under the saddle is the part for mounting the brake lever. If you ever get a brake for the unicycle that is where you would attach the brake lever.

I haven’t seen any handle systems that were either welded or attached to the brake lever mount. It would be possible. It would take some creative thinking to do it.

Well, Im not going to be getting a brake for it, so I guess I could weld it onto there. What is the convention method for putting handle bars on? Can it be done on the fusion?

The conventional method is to bolt the handle to the seat base. That’s how the GB4 handle, Reeder handle, and several other handles are designed to work. The problem with that method is that it requires a stiff seat base otherwise when you pull up or push down on the handle it flexes the seat base which will eventually cause it to fail. The handles that bolt to the seat base really need either a strong metal stiffener in the seat or a nice stiff and strong carbon fiber seat base.

The alternative is to have the handle attach to the seatpost instead. Or you could have it attach to the brake post thingy that’s weleded to the seat rails.

Here’s some ideas for you to work from
Check out weeble’s post in this thread
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