KH29er trade

Looking to trade a near new KH29er for a KH26 in similar condtition in Southern California.

KH29er is Magura brake equipped and has seen very minimal use… actually zero off road use to date.

Will be away from the computer this week, but will reply ASAP with further details upon return.

If anyone is interested, please lend an ear when able.


Unless you really need the brake for the riding you do, you could just build a 26" wheel to go on your 29er. But for the brake alignment, it would work well and it would leave you with a nice road option also.

Hope you find a swap though.


Brake allignment

I could mount a 26 on the 29 frame…never crosse my mind.

Brake would be less needed on a 26 rim.

Thanks for the input. May be posting a brake and 29er rim for sale (lol).