For sale is my 2009 (?) frame KH29 complete with inbound disk.

The wheel is built with the 100mm Nimbus disk hub and DT competition double butted spokes along with the KH Freeride rim. I’ll give the tensions a check before it’s sold to make sure they’re still good.

The D’Brake adaptor holds a Shimano M615 brake complete with brand new pads and a brand new Aztec light 180mm disk. I’ve done half a mile to bed these in a bit.
The brake hose is mounted to the Magura mounts with ‘p’ clips and stainless screws.

137mm KH moment cranks; the inserts are tight and complete.

The pedals are nothing special, HT BMX pedals. Good for riders with smaller feet.

Sad to see this go but it’s gone unridden for so long. I ride my larger wheels more these days.

Looking for £380 plus postage. Sensible offers for part or whole considered.

This is still for sale.

This is still for sale.

i want.

I bid $400 [US] shipped to TX and you can keep cranks (too short for me).

I’m afraid I’m not prepared to try and ship this abroad.

Selling on the internet is risky. Selling on the internet to someone half way across the world who is completely anonymous with a single post to his name is a far scarier proposition.

Use paypal.

I think the risk is for the buyer as they send money before you ship the product haha.

If they were in the UK I would do, but I really don’t want the hassle of trying to ship abroad.

Understandable. I’d rather buy from someone in my continent and you’d rather sell to someone on yours, but it seems both the supply and demand for a high-end uni like this is extremely thin or we wouldn’t be discussing it.

I’ve bought a fair amount from China, Hong Kong but I think the only thing I’ve bought shipped from the UK was my brown bettie Ellgreave teapot and the occasional big box of PG Tips to supply it.

Is my profile showing as anonymous? Let me see if I can fix that. FWIW, I am indeed newbie to Unicycling (which is why I want to upgrade my ride), but was an avid bi-cyclist, amateur racer on road & MTB and frequent online forum contributor for 15 years or so on and others, but this forum reminds me quite a bit of those old days.

Hi TX seeker, your profile doesn’t show as anonymous, more that as a new member to this forum, you’re just an anonymous person on the internet.

The other thing is that as our exchange rate is abysmal right now and shipping is spendy, if I sold it to you for $400, it’d be about £250 in my pocket. A long way off the £380 asking price.
I suspect I’d need to charge about $570 for it shipped over there.

Interested in frame+brakes

Hi, I’m interested in everything except the wheel and crancks+pedals. How much for frame (+saddle) and brakes shipped to 31039 - Italy?

Hi Vogelfrei80,

I suspect the wheel would be the hardest thing for me to sell individually so I’m afraid I’m not interested in splitting that way.

No problem, I bought exactly the same wheel+cranks last week (…it’s not the hardest part to sell!) and I just ordered other missing parts :wink:

After finding a second hand 29" freewheeling wheelset that’s a perfect match for this, it’s no longer for sale.