KH29 with Oracle Disc Hub

Hi All

With 3 Unis and 3 Bikes on the go I need to thin things out and my lovely 29er is just not used any more as my 36er Triton covers me for MUni and my 24 Impact for Trials/messing about

Uni is in good condition with the usual paint rub marks on the legs.

2012 KH29 frame (with later bearing caps and disc mount)
Impact Naomi Saddle
KH one piece Post
Echo seat clamp
MTX33 Rim
Oracle Disc Hub
D Brake caliper mount
DT Revolution Spokes
2 piece Shimano Disc
STX Servo Wave Brake
Good Ridge Braided hose
Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyre (probably 5% worn)
145mm QuAx cranks
Nuke proof pedals

Being as honest as I can be the only thing I would point out is the disc side spokes were almost too long so although the wheel trued up fine and has run without issue for a year there is not any real thread left on that side to tighten them further, but as I said wheel is fine so it is a non issue but wanted to be honest

This just for the kh29 not all three :stuck_out_tongue: I just lack pictures with the correct saddle other than this one, lots of threads by me with the build of the Uni etc if you.

Not in a rush to sell (selling for space not because I want to) looking for £350 + shipping which I think is fair as it cost £650 ish to build

Damn it!

I just ordered a custom Oracle 29er yesterday.

cancel cancel :stuck_out_tongue:

My fault was being lazy and put off listing it for a few days :roll_eyes: still you will be happy with your oracle as it is a top Uni :slight_smile:

Oh and in answer to your earlier PM that I missed get the Dampf (no need for the HD version), it is the perfect balance of volume, grip and weight

You’re right; I’ve already got one!
My custom Oracle’s also pretty damn good. You’ll probably see it in the post your muni here thread.

Anyway, best of luck with the sale. It’s a shame your getting rid of your 29er (I’ve just had my first ride on mine and it’s fantastic).