KH29 wheel jiggle

My KH29 has developed a slight jiggle. The wheel rattles side to side enough to notice, though maybe not enough to measure.

The bearing holders are at the perfect tightness, that is, as tight as possible without impeding the spin.

Any ideas?

Are the spokes all tight? You shouldn’t be able to squeeze them together and have them move more than a 1/4-1/2"

tighten the cranks.

the kh bearings don’t fit the axle perfectly, so that will happen when your cranks are loosening up (which is a good thing).

I have the same problem wih my KH05 24". Check the inside of your bearing holders for damage/wear. Steel bearing vs alu bearing holder…Steel wins.

I vote for this. My '05 KH 24" had the same problem, and tightening the cranks fixed it.

Thanks guys - that was it!
BTW cranks can be really tight, not like bearing holders, right?

Cranks have to be supertight! Basically, when you’re doing a crank, just get it as tight as you can, and then tighten them a little bit more…

splined cranks don’t have to be super tight, the bolts aren’t resposible for holding the cranks on the axle as much as they are for square tapers. that said, it would be hard to over-tighten them.


Someone advised to tighten cranks to 40lb.I have done a lot of messing with the splined cranks and…THIS ADVISE HOLDS 4 me.:slight_smile: