KH29 vertical clearance?

I just purchased a Nimbus II 29-inch frame but it only has 1/2 mm of clearance with the 2.4-inch Schwalbe Racing Ralph tire. I’m wondering if the KH29 frame has more vertical clearance. If I set the Nimbus frame on the floor (without the bottom frame brackets of course) then the vertical clearance to the floor is 14.75 inches.

Does anyone know the vertical clearance for the KH29 frame? If I’m not mistaken I believe it has not changed since the 2008 model year.

Of course my other choice is to go with a smaller tire but I can’t imagine I’ll have much more clearance.

According to another thread), the Racing Ralph is actually one of the tallest 29er tires - at least the tallest one on the chart.
For me, going from the Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35 to the WTB Wolverine 2.2 gained me a little vertical clearance on my Nimbus frame, despite the BA being a road tire with a very flat tread profile and the Wolverine being moderately knobby.
(I have the cruiser with the rounded crown - not sure how it varies with the flat crown.)

tire clearance Triton triple muniframe

this is tire clearance with 47mm KH XCrim and Schwalbe racing ralph 2.4

KH29 (2009) with stock WTB Stout (I haven’t actually measured it):

Thanks for the info. I’ve ordered the KH 29-inch frame. I’ll post the exact numbers of the KH frame when I get it for comparison to the Nimbus frame. I’ll also measure the horizontal clearance. Hopefully others will find this helpful.

I have received my KH29 frame and it solves the vertical clearance problems that I had with the Nimbus II 29-inch flat top (square shouldered) frame. Here are the dimensions for both in case others find this useful

Nimbus II 29-inch frame
Height (Clearance) = 14 3/4 inches (when sitting on floor without bottom brackets)

Width (just below shoulder) = 2 13/16 inches

KH29 frame
Height (Clearance) = 15 1/32 inches
Width = 3 1/4 inches

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Phew - thanks for confirming that. I’m just about to put a new 29er together with a KH frame and Ralph 2.4 (actually ordered all the bits), so I was starting to worry reading this thread!


Isn’t it great when someone runs out and buys a $250.00 frame just to supply us with measurements.

Thanks Minimalist.

Just to follow things up, here’s a couple of pics of my KH29 with Racing Ralph 2.4". Plenty of room.