KH29 uni for sale '09

Hi, I’m selling my spare 2009 KH29er if anyone wants it for $300 AUD.

KH fusion saddle - older type with rail adapter.
Magura HS33 rim brake with spooner.
Thomson seat post.
KH 38mm rim - older type without cutouts.
KH moment hub - blue.
KH moment cranks 125/150 dual hole.
Snafu pedals.
WTB Exiwolf tire.

Uni is in good working condition with no creaks or cracks, just the usual scuffs and scratches from use.

Can be picked up from West Melbourne or I can post it within Aus.






How long is the seat post? Maybe measure the height from the pedals at 125 position to the seat?

Any idea what it would cost to send to postcode 2484?

Hi OneTrackMind,

From bottom of 125 position to top of seat is about 90cm. I’ve got a 32" inseam and I’ve had 110s on it if that helps.
I’ve also got an unused uncut KH seat post which could go with the Uni instead if preferred.

I’ve got a couple of delivery quotes, and it’s $53 for 5-6 day transit time, or $79 for 3-4 day transit time.

Thanks for the interest.

I ride at 94 cm so I guess I would need the uncut post. Would the brake hose go that far? I do have a Magura bleeder kit but not enough spare hose.

Bit of a grimace at the rail seat and post as that system is now obsolete but hey that what it is.

Did you ensure the transporters were aware of the dimensions? They often use “cubic kilograms” and a wheel is exactly the wrong shape for economical rates.

No problem with a slower delivery.

The brake hose pictured may be a bit of a stretch at that seat height. However I do happen to have another HS33 which is 22cm longer that you can have.

The delivery quotes are based on dimensions and weight of the box.

Let me know if you have any more questions, or need more photos, or if you’d like to go ahead we can pm details.


Unicycle has been sold, thanks.