KH29 Seatpost

I just bought a KH29 (used), I notice that the seatpost appears cut off so adjusting it for my height only gives the post about a 1" penetration into the frame…Is this enough or should I get a new post?

thanks for your help

New post.

If it’s only going in an inch you probably aren’t past the clamping slot. You want to be at least 2 inches past the bottom of the slot (roughly twice the diameter of the post). It could be an old wives tale, but I don’t think so.

Is there any other seatpost option? Can you get a Seat post from a local bike shop or from performance bike? I really want to ride it but if I have to order it I guess I will have to wait.

That depends on what post you have now. If your 29er is pretty old it will have a railed seatpost (look under the saddle; is the seatpost connected to the saddle by rails?) which should be compatable with a straight 27.2mm seatpost. Chances are though you have a straight post or a new KH adjustable which is unicycle specific unfortunatley.

I must be lucky today it does have the rails, I would like to get the KH seatpost and probably will but I really want to get up and running.

Your local bike shop should be able to sort you with a 27.2mm rail seatpost to get you going as soon as possible.

If you really want to get riding, I would buy a cheep post that works to use while you wait for a new one to come in.

Totally. It’s about time you switched to a KH adjustable/straight post…:wink:

I’d wait and get the newer KH adj post (I think the ony one u can still get). It’s upper half is compatible w/ many bike posts.

What some have done in a quest for super light w/strength is the newer KH w/ a Thompson on the lower half.

I did find one locally, it seems to work fine for now I will get a KH adjustable ordered this week, Thanks for the help.

No problem, just glad to have helped (if, indeed I did help that is).