kh29 question

I’m new to unicycling. Caught the bug a few months ago, I LOVE it. I can ride o.k. around town, I can static mount pretty good most of the time.

I learned on a torker lx 24 with a bent frame which is headed to the trash can, I bought an Onza 20 for learning trials, but also want to get a 26 or 29 for muni. I was looking at the KH29 (since I can’t really find a comparable 26, please advise if you have an opinion about this) and noticed it says “not suitable for beginners” on the website. I consider myself a beginner, but imagine in another couple of months I’ll be something more.

Shall I pull the trigger on the kh29? Or is there anything else out there that would suit me better for a couple of years.


Go for the 29er, I got one when relatively inexperienced and soon got used to it. For just riding around, once you’re up it not that much different, just faster, which is what I wanted.

For getting on, a bit of practice and you’ll soon be OK. I still occasionally use props to get on when I’m tired and wobbly-legged, it doesn’t matter.



You will love it.


I think what they mean is that it’s not a good size for learning to ride on. If you can already ride and freemount you’ll be fine. It’ll be a bit different to mount, but you’ll get used to it. The higher top speed will be something to look out for; it’s possible to go fast enough to hurt yourself if you fall off (i.e. faster than you can easily run out of), so bear that in mind and don’t go faster than you feel in control (and wear protective kit).


I’ve already decked myself out in protective gear after my first set of scars on my shins.

Thanks for the info! I am going to get it!


And you might give the aebike website a look before purchasing–I got mine there for a hair over $450 shipped a couple weeks ago.

I learned on an LX24 and quickly bought the KH29. No regrets. It’s a fantastic machine.

I just got my KH29 and I’ve come to realize that the short pins on the Jim C pedals are completely useless when my shoes get wet. I tried to replace them with the extra long pins that came in the little bag, but I’m 6 pins short. Is that normal? Seems like there should be enough long pins to replace every short one.

The 29" problem

Is it’s not a 36". So you have to ask yourself if it’s flat or hilly- rough where you live.
If it’s flat, consider getting a 36". I have only been riding every afternoon for 2 months, and have been going maybe 15 miles a day the last 2 weeks on a 36.
Today I tried my KH24 again and it was so cool. It felt so slow and low to the ground after the 36, I went much faster then I had on it 2 weeks ago.
I guess my point is, a total beginner can ride a month or so on a 20 or 24, and pick up riding a 36 in an hour. I did , and I’m fat and old !:smiley:
So a KH29 is an excellent uni. But a cheap 36 is more fun in flat roads.
So perhaps consider a 20 or 24, combined with a 36. So you can learn stuff easier on the smaller wheel, ride obstacles etc. And you can’t beat a 36 in some places, really more fun.

Oh well, I just realized

That he said he’s going to buy it. There are so many possible uses for a KH 29. I bet you will have a really great time with it. It is truely the finest of the fastest off road tough uni’s. And excellent on road.

It’s a great ride. You’ll like it very much. You can cruise the roads or trails.

I live in a hilly area anyway, thanks for the tips on AE bikes, looks like the place to pick one up :slight_smile:

Thanks All!


Send me an email and I’ll try to dig through the boxes; I have a bunch somewhere. Put something obviously unicycling in the title please so it doesn’t get treated like spam.

Excellent! Email sent.

Well I just got my 29er today :slight_smile: Cool machine. I tried jumping on it in my backyard and was suprised that I was able to jump right on and ride a bit. Then when I actually had more than 5 minutes to spare this evening I tried again out on the roads, it was raining but I went anyway. Well i too could barely keep my feet on the pedals as they would always slip off… LAME! I had enough ‘long’ pins to do about one pedal… real useful!

So all you out there riding these, do you use trhe pedals it came with or have you switched to something with some actual teeth on it?

I got some rides out there but didn’t feel real comfortable with my feet sliding all over. Looks like it has some great potential, I’m really glad I bought it.


I’ve kept the Jim C pedals on mine, with the short pins. I live in a mostly dry area so haven’t had any wet experience with them, but can say that the shoes you wear with them can make a big difference. I haven’t had anything but good grip wearing Vans (or other skate shoes) or my muni shoes by 5.10 (which would stick to my pedals even if they were made of teflon, I suspect).

Glad you’re enjoying the new uni!